I’m not sure what your relationship is with Tom Waits OR Cookie Monster, but even if you have 0 relationship with either of them I think it’s pretty clear to you that this is just a very good thing that is completely correct in every way and you love it so much. Even if you don’t necessarily like “mashup” videos very much, and generally don’t even watch them when they are presented to you because why bother usually, you are looking at this video right now and thinking, “Oh. This is very good.” And maybe this has even been done before? I certainly haven’t seen every mashup, because why bother usually, so maybe someone has made a video mashup of, like, Elmo singing a Lil Wayne song, which would also be good. And maybe some of you are thinking, “This is fine but it’s no ‘Elmo singing Lil Wayne.’” But I’d have to break the news to those people that they are incorrect. This is the best. Either this is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life or I am just VERY tired. I don’t know I can’t make that call right now, because it is true that I am very tired and also think I may be coming down with a cold unfortunately, but I’m pretty sure that this video is just the best. (Via BoingBoing.)

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  1. Well, look at Mr. Triple Threat Huckabeast over there!

  2. Wow, Huck has such a wonderful singing voice. It’s like finding out something new about a good friend that makes you see them a completely different way, you know? Like when you find out a friend can paint really well, or has one of those huge tables with the toy train village in his basement.

  3. Tom waits for Godot. That’s why he’s been at it all his life.

  4. This is pretty great, but I’m holding out for the Beaker/Kreayshawn mashup.

  5. Kelly speaks the Truth: this is very right and good and correct and how *is* it that it didn’t exist already? Thanks for filling in a reality gap, Internets!

  6. Imagine my surprise. Coming to a blog about trampoline accidents and find out that I’m actually Tom Waits. Paradigm shift, right here.

  7. This is a good example of a mashup that isnt a complete waste of existence, which 99% of mashups are.

  8. chocolate chip jesus
    the piano has been drinking milk

  9. You wave your hand and they scatter like crumbs
    they have nothing that will ever capture your taste
    they’re just cookies without the chips
    be careful of them in the dark

    Will I eat you tonight
    on a downtown plate
    every bite is just the same
    you leave me hungry now

  10. Is this a mashup or is it just a fan-made music video? The video sources are all from Sesame Street, and the music is a single Tom Waits track. I think I may be becoming sensitive to the definition of the word, as it seems that 99% of everything is being called a mashup now (but also, why do I care? I don’t really care). KajusX & Mashups, apparently.

  11. one time i paid 200 dollars for me and a date to go to a tom waits show. but my date walked out halfway through because he hated it and went and got drunk in a bar. we are no longer dating.

    but the tom waits part was awesome and he played my favorite song!

    • One time I declined to pay $300 for my wife and I to see Tom Waits, thinking it was too much money. I now realize this was incorrect, and often think of $300 expenses in terms of missed opportunities to see Tom Waits.

  12. (1) That was great!
    (2) Everyone knows about his cover of the Dwarf Marching Song, right?

  13. I love me some Tom Waits. I was listening to this song non-stop the other day. Thank you so much, internet. God bless us. God bless us all.

  14. This pretty much confirms what I’ve always known: Tom Waits is just a faux hobo Cookie Monster.

  15. And there we thought the singularity had something to do with computers. apparently not so…

  16. And now Oscar the Grouch with the Emotional Weather Report…..

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