Mankind’s fight for survival against the self-aware machines that it foolishly created in its scientific hubris now comes down to one final question: can mankind stay out of this one room where the robot runs in a circle, or will our race meet its final end?! (Click to play: .) (Thanks for the tip, Sean and Thom.)

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  1. I think mankind will be alright, but NASCAR drivers just became an endangered species.

  2. I feel like my Teddy Ruxpin could do more than the robots in the video’s y’all have been posting lately…Can the robots at least take over the robotics engineering industry…it seems to need an overhaul.

  3. it’s got to constantly run to stay in shape every since it’s mother robot learned to bake.

  4. What’s really weird about this is that in order to motivate it to run, the scientists had to have it chase a flesh-and-blood rabbit.

  5. Man, they’re putting Channing Tatum in everything nowadays

  6. Attention young humans below the age of full physical development or below the legal age of majority! Observe on the landscape the position of the prominent landmarks known colloquially as “Big Ben” and “Parliament.”

  7. I know a lot of jokes get made on this website. But I feel like modern society has become all too comfortable with robots. Robots used to be feared, perhaps on the same level as sharks or communism. Now, we think of them as cute and capable of love! (WALL-E). Oneday they’re baking you pineapple upside-down cake and running in circles, the next they’re circling you running and baking you (turn of phrase). Hopefully you make it to your emergency robot shelter sooner, rather than l8ter.

  8. For some reason, I can’t help but think that if it had hands, it would totally be doing the Gob chicken dance.

  9. I was cool with the robots when they were baking me cookies and helping me snuggle in bed at night, but this just doesn’t seem productive at all.

  10. I wonder if it will try and overtake us by force or RUN for political office and try and overtake us from the inside (track).

  11. My left leg is a little shorter than my right leg, so I will definitely be staying out of this room.

  12. this video needs to be soundtracked by Herbie Hancock’s “Rockit”

  13. Actually, I think you guys are overreacting. What could go wrong?

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    I tide good robot fashion. Pants for circling running.
    Nike running shoes for foot comfort and style.
    I…ur cute. Mabel name is it? Do you drink oil? Can I buy you some oil?

  15. Choo Choo The Hurkey Jerky Robot

  16. This reminds me of something from funny and spicy dot com; if only someone would post a link…

  17. Earlier models could only run in squares.

  18. At least we will hear them coming.

  19. I <3 Robots! :)

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