That leaves us with a very important (I am definitely using “very important” correctly) question: WHO SHOULD BE IN THE CROW REMAKE?! #Birdie4Crow

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  1. You know, I think this time we got it in one. Birdie4crow.

  2. Isn’t that just another way of asking who I would like to see dead?

  3. Donald Glover

  4. i nominate the greatest action hero alive today:

  5. I hear Kate Gosselin’s schedule is wide open these days.

  6. Whoever keeps the mall teens from dressing like him for the next 17 years.

  7. Cool Crow –

  8. Andy Serkis.

  9. Given the sad history of the original, it makes sense that Brad Cooper got out now. Hate for him to get shot in the chin and have his (Ch)implant damaged

  10. Sean Penn. Definitely Sean Penn.

  11. wait, wait, wait. I just read the article, and Mark Wahlberg is being considered?

    I like the Crow (yay for nostalgia!) and I like Mark Wahlberg, but this combination makes no sense.

  12. Dwight Schrute is not happy.

  13. I only care if Nick Cave is still writing it. Heard he isn’t, so there’s my stance.

  14. well, there’s Russel Crow, Cameron Crow, Gregory Peck, Crow Diddley, Hume Crownyn…

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