This seven minute animated short, Burn-E, is a companion piece to Wall-E, and when you are a companion piece to something that is the best, that makes you the best. It’s called math.

(via BuzzFeed)

They shouldn’t even allow stuff like this on YouTube because it just makes me feel bad for all the other YouTubes. Aww, sorry you didn’t have one of the most technologically innovative production houses that also happens to understand the importance of strong, intelligent writing behind your trampoline vlog, 14-year-old. Also they don’t allow stuff like this on YouTube, so watch it before it gets taken down.

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  1. thanks for that gabe. i am now officially that girl who cries every time she sees the wall-e trailer (i teared up when wall-e made his cameo in this short). guess that makes me your boyfriend.

  2. I’ve never seen Wall-E. Maybe I should.

    I love that they have the robot hum as he works and that he just chucks the broken piece into space. He is personified perfectly.

  3. Boy, I’m proud of myself. Yesterday I skipped Quantum of Solace spoilers when I could have read them and now I’m skipping this until it comes out on the DVD on Tuesday.

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