• Could Sex and the City return to TV? I don’t know, is the world a vampire? It is? Oh then yeah I think it can probably return to TV at some point. -Vulture
  • There will no longer be a Johnny Depp The Lone Ranger movie. But will there be a Johnny Depp Lone RANGERS movie? Like from Airheads? Remember that movie? Important questions. -FilmDrunk
  • Here is a supercut of a bunch of actors before they were famous. “Did you know [this actor] was in [this movie]?!” “Nooo way! You are the coooooolest!” is a conversation you can have later with a friend. -TheDailyWhat
  • Aww, look at how much this giant dog missed his military owner. Awwww. It is a giant. -Dlisted
  • Holy moly, lady of interest Lindsay Lohan is covered in blood in these photos. I know I say this a lot, but why can’t I be the one who has a dumb photo shoot where I’m covered in blood for no reason? That would be the best! -Celebuzz
  • Here’s another trailer for Our Idiot Brother. I want to see that movie. Do you? Want to go with me? Just kidding, we’re strangers. -Just Jared
  • Some Aziz Ansari GIFs for you to enjoy. -ScreenJunkies
  • Mindy Kaling talked with E! recently about the new season of The Office. Now you can read what she said to them! -E!
  • This Terminator Twitter account is enjoyable and it only takes like 5 seconds to enjoy it. That’s the best of both worlds! Right? -BuzzFeed
  • Who should play Patti Smith in the Just Kids movie? Young Charlotte Gainsbourg? Yes. -Movieline
  • AMC has renewed Breaking Bad for 16 final episodes. Great. Perfect. Honestly. -Hollywood Reporter
  • The Help actress Jessica Chastain had to gain 15 pounds for the role and said it was torture. “Yeah, tell me about it.” – These guys. -Salon
  • Arrested Development in LEGOs. Enjoy. I recently had a mini-fight about LEGOs because I didn’t believe the person I was talking to actually liked LEGOs because he is an adult. Rather, I believe that he only likes liking LEGOs. Still unresolved. But I do hope you enjoy these! -Warming Glow

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  1. Sometimes I think this lindsay lohan continual train wreck thing will stop being funny and just be kind of sad. Then I see stuff like that and I’m like: “Nope.”

  2. Smashing Pumpkins in the City lyrics, go:

    “The world is a vampire/ shoes on my braa-ain.”

  3. I’d really like to enjoy that Emmitt the Dog video, but my office is just so damn dusty.

  4. My names not Chaz, it’s Chester. I used to play Dungeons and Dragons.

  5. Sex And The City is the sitcom Memento. They’ll come out with a prequel series now, where the ladies are played by Allison Brie (Charlotte), Emma Stone (Miranda), Hayden Panetierre (Carrie), and Kristen Bell (Samantha). Flashback to the 90s, the same women are in their 302/wos and played by Kristen Davis (Charlotte), Cynthia Nixon (Miranda), Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie), and Kim Catrall (Samantha). Flash back even further to the 80s, they’re older still and played by Betty White (Charlotte), Bea Arthur (Miranda), Rue Mclanahan (Carrie), and Estelle Getty (Samantha).

  6. Not to be all super nerd, but why would they include Jackie Chan in Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow as an “unknown” role? He was the star of the movie. What would have been cooler would have been him getting his neck broken in Enter The Dragon

  7. Kelly when you get your French bulldog you should name him Emmit Thunderpaws. Best dog name ever.

  8. I’m new here. And I hope you all like me. In order to make my transition here smooth, I present to you the most important part of the “Where were they then” video.

    • I don’t have ladies’ boobs on my body, but I am pretty sure if you wear a shirt while doing this test it’s because you don’t want to find the cancer you know is there. GOOD LUCK IN CHEMO NATALIE, WE WILL MISS YOU WHEN YOU’RE GONE.

  9. They forgot Kate Winslet in A Kid In King Arthur’s Court. That movie was a star-maker. Wasn’t it, Thomas Ian Nicholas?

  10. I actually like the photo of Lindsey straddling the guy while holding a gun to his head. If only I could feel sure it was a well-thought-out feminist and/or artistic choice, instead of probably just stupid.

  11. So, my friends and I regularly play with Legos. Like we have had several parties where we all sit around and play with Legos. Now, I know it’s unfathomable to your high-falutin’, big city, fat cat Washington brain that people can enjoy things that are fun, but they can. Also, you are gay. #peoplehavedifferingopinionsandtheyneedtostop

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