Maybe it’s because there hasn’t been much else going on lately, or maybe it’s because Pittsburgh is kind of boring and everyone there has just been waiting for something like this to happen to them, or maybe it’s because this is just a very big movie that people are excited about, but it seems like lately every single day there are more “behind the scenes” things from the set of The Dark Knight Rises on every single blog in the world. (And now this blog.) (OOPS.) I get that it’s a big movie, but there have been lots of big movies? Why is this big movie movie so special? Why does everyone have to see every single thing from this movie being filmed? The most recent thing that everyone in the world is talking about is the Batwing vehicle. It is certainly a spoiler, so if you’ve been doing your best to avoid seeing this Batwing thing that honestly just looks like the first image that pops into my head when I close my eyes and think of Batman Vehicle Not A Car, then do not look at this and I apologize. [For you, maybe you would like to watch this video of a man dressed up as batman hanging upside down on a subway in Moscow?] But. For those of you who are going to look at it because you aren’t the most uptight nerds in the world (again, my apologies), it is just the silliest looking thing. Hahahah. Big dumb batman thing getting slowly driven around on a car with fake snow flying everywhere. MOVIE MAGIC! 

Very silly. If you ask me. Which you didn’t even need to do obviously because I’m just telling you right now that I think it looks very silly. My question is, though: How will they make this look like a movie? Is this just a dry run and then later it will be nighttime and they will film it and it will be more obvious how they will turn it into an actual movie? I’m certainly no Movie Genius, clearly, it is very clear by all of the things I just said and some other things I’ve said in the past, but I AT LEAST know that they need some sort of green screen and/or a guy dressed up is some sort of suit with sensors all over his body and/or a computer to make these effects look believable. And I don’t see any of those things. I only see a silly looking batman thing on a car on the street in the daytime with fake snow. Fucking movies, how do they work? Right? That reference? Right. (Via VVV.)

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  1. “Where does he get those wonderful toys?” is the new “Where do you get your ideas?”

  2. Everyone knows green screen = believable flying action!

  3. Are we watching the same video, Kelly? From this angle, that thing looks exceptionally bad-ass out of context.

  4. this movie is going to fucking rule.

  5. For reals though, can we stop with all the Batman leaks? I prefer not to know what the Batwing will look like or how Catwoman looks or who Bane is proposing to inside a camouflage Batmobile. I would like to be surprised.

    • Then you’re welcome to not click on the videos? The only thing worse than a million gratuitous set leaks is people complaining about them after voluntarily looking at them

      • Here’s the thing, Dan. A lot of places will not have the relevant images behind the jump/etc. I haven’t watched any videos or read any articles about the movie etc (because I don’t care much), but I still have a reasonable idea of what the Catwoman costume will look like, and the other guy, because the pictures are posted on other parts of the internet I frequent.

        So while your point is technically valid, it’s not quite that simple. I believe DSN’s comment was a general complaint, not aimed at Kelly specifically.


        • Yeah, it’s bad form on the part of entertainment websites to put the pictures right there in the masthead or whatever. Most respectable entertainment blogs will warn you or put any spoiler-y images below the jump or whatever. STILL THOUGH: you are the one visiting the entertainment blog whose job it is to do things like post pictures from movie sets.

          • You bring up a very valid point, but Gobblegirl had it pretty well said. It was more of a general complaint about every pop culture blog and their brother trying t get the next scoop on Batman. “Here’s Catwoman! Now here she is on a bike! Here’s VIDEO now!”

          • The entertainment blogs are all frothing at the mouth about every scrap of info too. It’s aggravating. It’s one thing to post official set pics, but when they’re so scrounging for leaks and scraps of info that they don’t even bother authenticating it, that’s when it becomes wholly irresponsible (like when they started posting “FIRST GOOD LOOK AT CATWOMAN COSTUME” images without noticing that someone had just photoshopped Hathaway’s head from the batpod picture onto a Tomb Raider cosplayer’s body).

            As a whole they should chill the F out and let the film crew do their thing.

          • Yeah, I mean, it does get silly. The video here is actually a pretty good look at the Batwing (or whatever they call it) so that’s kind of notable, but so many of these are just BO-RING.

            Joseph Gordon-Levitt standing around in the snow! Anne Hathaway standing around near a building! Go to sleep, set crashers!

  6. To answer your question Kelly: Andy Serkis

  7. The video poster is lucky that the engine noise masked the sound of him quietly masturbating to such a nerdgasm-worthy sneak peak

    • I got stuck behind a pack of feral nerds trying to film the set on my way to lunch last week and it was a nightmare. They were arguing loudly about the authenticity of the Dark Night Story Arc. They were also breathing really heavy and one had a t-shirt on that just read “Thats what she said”. We saw the batwing up close, at which point the nerds argument when next level saying it looked too “Skynet” for Batman. Likely I made it to Mexico City safely with out being sucked into their conversation. I ordered chicken mole enchiladas and went on with my day.

      • I am laughing at the mental image of feral nerds, who, much like feral cats, are descended from domesticated nerds but have returned to the wild, where they must learn to fend for themselves, armed only with a wardrobe of cargo shorts, a years supply of Proactiv, and above all, a Rainmanian level knowledge of banal subjects about which no well-adjusted human has ever given a flying shit.

  8. That’s what a Subaru WRX looks like?

  9. …And that’s the story of Jesus.

  10. this is like people who name their baby after the first ultrasound…let the thing grow some appendages and sex organs before you ruin the finished product.

  11. I cannot explain how much this filming has made working in downtown Pittsburgh a nightmare. For starters people from the Suburbs NEVER set foot in downtown, but because of the filming there are minivans coming in with spoiled teens trying to get everything on film.

    Additionally all the streets are shut down causing nightmare traffic. Almost like a real city! Basically, the villian in the new Batman movie is the filming of the new Batman movie.

    • Haha. “All the streets are shut down” ? Well, a few of them are. And yeah, that causes traffic problems but just leave 15 minutes early for work like everyone else instead of whining about it. Also, “For starters people from the Suburbs NEVER set foot in downtown”… You do realize that most people that work downtown (in Pittsburgh and most cities) commute from the many surrounding suburbs?

      • 15 minutes early? That is like two snoozes. Absolutely NOT. I think the better plan would be to whine about it.

        I get it you want to defend Pittsburgh. Thats cool, but Suburbanites do not come downtown much. Next time you see a family from Cranberry on Wood street on a Suanday afternoon let me know.

        • It’s just weird, this idea of Pittsburgh you have that it’s some urban fortress that we have to defend against the suburbanites, or whatever. Sure, there’s a lot of people that don’t go downtown a lot. But people commute to the city from the suburbs every day. Kids that grow up in the suburbs move into the city to go to school or work. I work in an office with a lot of both. It seems like you’re implying that “true city-dwellers” have more of a right to be here than anyone else, and that’s just a weird and entitled way to think.

          • Actually it is quit the opposite. My problem with Pittsburgh is that the city population is about 300,000 and the metro area is about 2 million. Everyone says they love the city…blah blah …go Steelers, but no one will live downtown. Because of that, among other things, the wage tax is significanlty highef and the city struggles with money. They are closing alot of the Pubic Schools and property taxes are a mess.

            Meanwhile back in suburbia people can work downtown, come down to watch filming, go to play or a football game and then go home. People come into the city to use all the amenities, but really don’t worry much about the financial well being of the city. I actually wish people came downtown more so that the city could financially benefit. So really, I think the Batman filming is a great thing for the city. My parking situatiion, not so much, but overall is is great for the city.

          • I would actually argue that most of the people living in the areas surrounding Downtown Pittsburgh care more about the financial well-being of the city than the average urbanite in other cities. I just think every one in the administration of the Port Authority and in the local government needs to finally realize that Downtown can’t be the central hub of everything here anymore and that we need to focus on more widespread urban renewal and allow culture to bloom in other areas. We all miss Kaufmann’s, but let’s let it go, already.

          • STOP TRYING TO MAKE DOWNTOWN HAPPEN! haha. You’re right though people really need to stop with the “we used to do all our Christmas shopping downtown”. I live in the East End. They are building an Ace Hotel somewhere out here, glad it’s not in the cultural district.

    • legit, people from the suburbs do not go downtown except for their daily commute. so traffic is a nightmare during rush hour between 7 and 9 a.m. and 4 and 6 p.m. and a complete breeze all the rest of the time. Except now, with this potential boon for the city, all these streets are shut down. And so, because most people don’t know their way around downtown, they are getting stuck and lost and stopping in the middle of traffic, and getting in the buses’ way and basically ruining an already despicable public transport system. And the fact that nearly every bus stops downtown and half the stops are out of commission is only making things worse. It’s inconvenient, for sure. And I’m not convinced it’s bringing any real money into the Downtown area. I saw more people loitering about in Oakland in front of Carnegie Mellon but almost no one Downtown, and none of them looked like they were eating or exploring. Just sitting beyond the partition with their fanny packs full of snacks and bottles of water, stalking the umpteenth film crew in the past two years.

      • I’d still argue that the production is financially a no-brainer for the city though. The fee that the city will be collecting from the production companies will be VERY substantial, even after the breaks and incentives that most likely brought it the Pittsburgh in the first place. That’s millions that they’ll hopefully put towards infrastructure and public works, as well as urban renewal projects like you said.

    • UGH. It’s been taking 20 minutes to go two blocks on the buses at rush hour because of rerouting and closings and stuff. It’s the worst. But I also think the worst is over. But it’s still the worst if it happens again.

      • Actually I don’t think the worst is over. They are off for two days and start filming on Wednesday again. It is kind of like that exploding sewer Kelly posted a few weeks ago. It slowed down and right when you think it’s over it is going to come back worse than EVER!

        • You’re probably right. I’ve only just started working at a job where I need to transfer buses Downtown. I suppose that’s not much worse than Oakland on any given night during rush hour. Also, I haven’t been in Oakland during rush hour in two years, and at that time, I was always working or walking home, so this claim might also be untrue.

  12. That looks like a badass. Recently I Meet The Real Life Spider man Or Monkey Man in south India.

  13. Okay, admittedly my hometown (Pittsburgh) doesn’t always have a lot going on in the summer (unless you count the Pirates, but nobody counts the Pirates), so yeah the Batman thing is kind of big! Especially for a part-time unpaid intern who has little else to do, I am pretty excited about them filming here. Last week I went to the set (consisting of a couple blocked-off streets downtown) and took some pictures. Then I got yelled at by a 17 year old “production assistant” in a Ne-Yo t-shirt for taking pictures. Later I saw Chris Nolan and JGL (JGL!). Even later they had everyone vacate a street despite uproarious complaints from corporate suit-types on their lunch breaks who AIN’T CARE ABOUT NO BATMAN. I guess my point is that large scale movie productions are still kind of new to this area, and so yeah, people are kind of freaking out about it. Sure, big action movies get made all the time but not here, so who’s gonna be that asshole who sees the batmobile flying down a street covered in fake snow in the 95 degree summer heat and is like “OH GAWD WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL” ?

  14. Got some more AWESOME footage of the new batman movie right here VG’ers!:

  15. I’m coming out of left field here, but this action took place almost exactly where my bus stop is. Because of this “exciting” new development regarding the newest Batman movie, I had to wander Downtown for 15 minutes trying find out where my bus stop was diverted to and escort half a dozen complete strangers to their bus stops, making me a half an hour late to work. So my whole day was ruined for this monstrosity with a fake plastic man inside it to be escorted through the always empty streets of Downtown Pittsburgh? I can’t wait for this filming to end.

    P.S. It also brought winter to town 2 months early and for Pittsburgh, that is no joke. Apparently, they can’t clean up fake snow any better than the real stuff.

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