Does everyone know what Uniqlo is? And who David Karp is? Well, I’m going to write this post as if you are all my parents, because this one might actually take a little bit of explaining for some people and also have you noticed how there is this tendency in blogs–a tendency that this blog indulges in more than most, even–to just sort of get right into it as if we all have the same base level of knowledge about a thing when maybe some of us do not have that base level of knowledge and might not even be sure where to get it? That can be frustrating. Genuinely. Let’s all get up to speed! Anyway, for those of you who may not know what Uniqlo is, it’s a Japanese clothing brand, kind of like Gap or H&M, but, you know, Japanese, so a little nicer and a little fancier. Or at least I am sure that is what they would have you believe. (Videogum is not sponsored by Uniqlo. Yet.) I know they have a store on Broadway in New York and that is all I know. Do they have other stores in the United States? There is absolutely no way to find out this information. The technology just isn’t there. Meanwhile, David Karp is the founder of Tumblr. Do you know what that is, mom? Let me know if you know what that is, mom. So, in order to advertise their brand of selvage denim jeans and low-cost cashmere cardigan sweaters in basic colors, Uniqlo made a video of David Karp talking about his blog invention. Wait, what?

This is called ASPIRATIONAL MARKETING. David Karp is OUR Vinzo Chasey! Let’s all go invent a successful blog platform for children and tuck our jeans into our boots. #swag

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  1. Daviggo The Karpathian

  2. I have never been a bully, but I suppose I could make an exception.

  3. I don’t mean to diminish his dream, but I am not sure that me being able to share my love of sandwiches and SWINTON is exactly making the world a better place.

  4. When I lived in Japan, Uniqlo was the best! And fun fact: the name is a sweet bastardization of “Unique Clothes.”

  5. You will never beleive who ZARA’s new model is:

  6. Haha, love his little smug “So.” expression after he says “the founder of Tumblr”. Nailed it.

  7. can i just take this moment to say why in god’s name are untied combat-y pirate boots coming back? when i was in middle school that was all the rage amongst peoples who loved shitty metallica (empirical fact: the first three records are awesome, but if you are listening to LOAD on your discman while drawing “SATAN LIVES” on your forearm in sharpie during study hall, ew). what’s next- the shaved underside but long on top hair cut? i can see he’s also sporting the 14 year old beginners mustache. why am i so angry about this!!!

    • Yeah, he basically looks like every awkward *I just hit puberty so I will grow a mustache (ladies)* awkward lanky guy in highschool, plus his outfit looks like a nerdy sweater his mom made him wear for picture day

    • See, that is why I do not have facial hair. If you decide to make the switch from clean-shaven to mustachioed lothario, more power to you. But between the bare lip and the full-on ‘stache, there is a phase where you are going to look like you just hit puberty. You basically have to take a week off of work and lock yourself inside your house while it grows out.

    • Seriously. This boot madness must end.

      I rest my case.

    • Fun fact: I didn’t watch this video because my immediate reaction to the screengrab was “EW SHAVE YOUR FACE.”

  8. David Karp: Still goddam adorable.

  9. Right at 0:19 — “Identities that people are really proud of.” Immediate cut to wide shot, showing jeans tucked into boots. That’s not a coincidence, people.

    • They should have cut to 6000 blogs reposting the same 12 press photos of Justin Bieber.

      Tumblr is one of those services I don’t “get”. It seems like celebrities and the like have glommed onto it, but to me it seems really counter intuitive to use and needlessly restrictive. It also really tries to steer you toward reposting links and videos and stuff over writing something yourself.

  10. So as is my wont I watch a lot of these videos on mute so as to avoid coming off as even more of a lazy employee than I am … which admittedly is pretty damn lazy. That being said I had no idea if this was a real, for actual, live person or one of those fucked up CGI people used in terrible pop-up ads to promote terrible products with their disturbing auto-tune voices. ‘GETupANDgo. MAKEmarketingWORKforYOU. JUSTTELLMEwhattoSAY. ANDvoila.’ So creepy. Does he have that voice? Again, don’t know, on mute.

  11. I guess I’m not sure what everyone is complaining about…this is what I imagine that every single hipster in the greater NYC area (heck maybe even SF) aspires to wear when it eventually becomes cold outside. Also, he has beautiful eyes, so there.

  12. Unqilo’s clothing fits like a dream. I buy, no joke, all my tops from them, because I am too tall and too skinny, and their shirts are the only ones that fit me right. Send me money for my endorsement, Uniqlo!

    • I buy all of mine from Wal-Mart, because they are perfect for my body, which resembles a plastic bag full of frozen shrimp.

    • People will make fun of you for this, as if it’s a #humblebrag, but until they have disproportionately long torsos of their own they won’t understand the pain of always worrying you’re going to flash bellybutton at everyone if you so much as reach for a higher shelf.

      • Disproportionately long torso sufferers suffer so hard, and you can’t even come up with a “It Gets Better” campaign for them. Because It Doesn’t Get Better, the only end to the suffering is death.

        but seriously flashing your bellybutton to strangers is the worst

        • It’s funny how something that haunts you throughout your teen years becomes a humblebrag when all your former bullies get fat in their 30′s.

  13. Tumblr? More like CRUMBLR, amirite?

  14. He’s nowhere near as cool as his brother, Steven:

  15. I’ve seen this style of video before…

  16. After watching (and loving) Freaks and Geeks I decided to give Undeclared a chance. Maybe its the fact that I find Jay Baruchel to be minorly annoying, maybe it was the Adam Sandler episode, but I just couldnt get into it. Not surprised it got axed after a season.

    • Ugh, that was supposed to be a response to Destrucity. Mondays, amirite?

    • Yeah I agree, never fully understood the appeal of Undeclared. A lot of people claim that it really hits home in terms of their college experience but it couldn’t be farther from my own life in the dorms. The kid has sex on his first night at school?? Well I am a sexually repressed white male as well my friend and I will tell you first hand that all that horrible high school girl stuff does not just go away in college. There was never any sexual liberation that I saw. It stayed pretty much exactly the same. I guess that’s my problem with the show in general, that college didn’t seem that different from high school to me. It’s like in that Freaks and Geeks episode where Neil’s brother comes home from college and tells Lindsay how awesome college is I just want to be like “NO LINDSAY! PEOPLE SUCK EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME! IT DOESN’T GET BETTER!”

      • Yeah that was ridiculous, but even more ridiculous was like his entire relationship with that girl afterwards? Like, how was he in love with her for sure definitely after that like completely random hook up? Also the one roommate who was not Seth Rogen and not British made absolutely no sense as a character in like any context. Also the British kid could not have been more predictable and “suave British guy” stereotype. I completely agree with you about the high school girl bullshit, but I do think that college is indeed way more awesome than high school.

        It was such a shame that Undeclared wasn’t as completely on point about college as Freaks and Geeks was about high school.

      • College is a lot different from High School. Sure, there’s still cliquishness, but you are entirely free to not partake in it. Nobody forces you to run the mile or take communal showers while you’re just starting puberty or eat lunch in a giant room all at the exact same time so that you are forced to sit at a table with some weird kids you don’t really know. You can pretty much do whatever you want all the time in College. If you had a shitty time of it, it’s essentially your own fault.

        • College is awesome in the sense that you on your own with responsibilities and studying what you want to study and blah blah blah all good stuff. In terms of the student body I guess I just had this idea in my head that college would be some bohemian haven of academica and pop culture where everyone would just be those ideal friends you think exist outside the realm of high school. But in reality, I don’t think those people exist, or at least not in the droves I assumed they would. That’s what made me disconnect from Undeclared right away. It’s like he just finds his best buds the second he walks into the building and they all live right by each other and it’s just one big happy family.

          And I guess it’s anyone’s fault if you whenever you have a shitty time by that logic because ‘it’s only up to you to have a good time.’ I’m just saying college is not the magical place that you think it is in high school; it’s when I realized people are shitty everywhere not just within my microcosm. I realize that’s my own idealized view versus reality and not college per say but I still associate that realization with the college experience.

  17. This just makes me sad, because the still shot looks exactly like George Harrison in Hard Day’s Night, and I would totally marry George Harrison in Hard Day’s Night.

  18. I only got 1:00 minute in. Got annoyed because I coudn’t figure out who or what he was looking at on the ceiling?!

  19. When I lived in Korea, my students once told me I look like a Uniqlo model. Cool story, riiiight?

  20. He has insane-bachmann eyes.

  21. i like it when videogum has inside jokes that know one knows about because it makes me feel special

  22. I want a cardigan like that one.

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