Wanted to get this posted first thing because the video is 75 hours long, and Jon had trouble getting it all to fit on one so part 2 is here, so actually it is 78 hours long. This way, everyone has as much time as possible to get started with this because we’re all definitely going to be watching it from beginning to end, for sure, but what with the whole work-week thing, there’s probably going to be some pauses in the middle to file that TPS report and go to the bathroom. If you finish first, just put your pencil down and wait until everyone else has had a chance to catch up. Thank you. (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)

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    Snape dies when he gets to 74,208.

  2. Those earbuds look suspicious to me. Count Cyrano de Bergerac over here.

  3. “DONE! Here you go, teacher! Hey you guys, that was so easy. Don’t you agree?? Oh you’re still only one-third through the test? I’ll sit and read Lord of the Rings for the next 40 minutes I guess.”

    –Me in high school. I didn’t have many dates or friends, for some reason.

    • YOU ARE MY CLONE. SCANTRON has a profit-sharing agreement with the Tolkein estate, right?

    • you are me, but not only in high school. this is me in college. this is also me in alcohol certification class (so i can put my college degree to good use waiting tables?). this is also me in every single situation where my intelligence is tested using arbitrary methods (lsat, act, psat, sat, gre, etc…). i am just a kick ass test taker (i also do not have many friends and/or dates).

  4. Maybe if Paul Simon had this sort of tenacity, men with all different names would have ways to leave our lovers, instead of only 50 of them.

  5. Suddenly, Lilbobbytables counts to 99,999 seems less impressive. Thanks a lot, Jon.

  6. “Man; I thought I had problems.”

  7. *Unrelated topic warning*
    I was already on my way to partying all weekend on Friday afternoon (ladies) when the Ball dropped, so I would like to take the time to thank the Academy and also God for my golden Caption Contest statue, and my first trip to the Ball. With that, I will be deleting my account now. Au revoir, Shoshanna!

  8. Hey Jon, I can count to “I get laid”, but you keep going on with your bad self.

  9. I like the part where he counted.

    *gets 100,000 upvotes*

  10. That is the face of a man who lost a bet.

  11. Ninety-eight-thousand-one-hundred-and-eight, ninety-eight-thousand-one-hundred-and-nine, ninety-eight-thousand-one-hundred-and *CAR ALARM GOES OFF* uhh…one-hundred-and-ummmmm…shit. One…

  12. I think we can all safely assume that there are really mind-blowing secrets and answers to the Big Questions hidden somewhere in this thing (probably around hour 35), but even so we are still too apathetic to check.

  13. At about the 18 hour mark he starts wrapping tape around his head. I was with him up till then, but that’s just weird, man.

  14. And if you watch the end, he skips 99,991! He got 9 from the end and then messed up.

    This is going to depress me all day.

  15. I have no idea who posted this but for the record that is not me doing the counting in that video. I’m not dumb like that person and their attempt to hide behind my name disgusts me. Cowards. COWARDS!

  16. I’m pretty sure there are hidden messages to Al-Qaeda in there, but I’m not enough of a Patriot to screen the whole thing.

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