Mr. Bean, however, remains silent.

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  1. Remember when MTV called Ja Rule on 9/11 to get his thoughts?

  2. Ello guvnah lorry lorry lorry rioting poppycock

  3. But how does he feel about the new Bridget Jones movie?

  4. Ok, tangent. I was trying to read up on the UK riots this morning as I am woefully under informed, and one of the first hits was Ann Coulter’s thoughts on the situation. Because if anyone is in a position to understand the causes and occurrences that led to the UK riots, it is Ann Coulter.

    • Remember when MTV called Ann Coulter to get her thoughts on the Ja Rule/DMX feud?

    • Oh, man. I just looked up what she said on O’Really last night. Social welfare programs have turned the poor people of Britain from human beings into wild animals who only live to eat, drink, and fuck? Yikes. I have no words for her.

    • Were you looking at Google’s news results? Because any time I ltry to read up on a current event that way the first page or two is always like Christian Post and The Middle of Nowhere Nebraska Times and never any sort of source that normal people would use.

  5. Aw, jeez. Sounds like Russell Brand is a shitty comedian, but also a pretty good guy. It’s so much easier when you think someone is shitty all around.

  6. Mr. Bean was too busy wrecking his multi-million dollar car to care about the riots.

  7. did anyone else read that with your internal monologue set on “British accent”? that was fun…lets have more of these. #lorries

  8. I like that his resume is begun with “ludicrous comedy remake offender”.

  9. Arthur! I didnt know you were so smart!

  10. I like what he had to say. A LOT.

    I hope Gwyneth speaks out, because that would be amazing. Especially if it’s where to find the best pizza stones and home made lace that’s sold out of a van or put on Craigslist. It wouldn’t be, it would be some very self-involved “I had to keep my kids locked in our castle” kind of statement. But I’d stop hating her if she did a GOOP that showed you the best places to buy the shit she usually tells you to buy — but for a pound each and on a shady corner. Come on Paltrow, you claim you’re really funny. I just gave you a great way to make fun of yourself (and we all you know you read this blog). So hop on it.

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