It is being reported on all of the major news sites (TMZ) that an Italian restaurant in Massachusetts is claiming that Adam Sandler’s production company, Happy Madison Productions, currently filming a movie in Massachusetts, recently stiffed them on lots of money’s worth of BBQ food:

The restaurant owner claims the production company asked him to stock up on food for 2 BBQ’s the following week.  He claims he did just that, but Adam’s company never called, leaving him with bags full of groceries to the tune of $2,500.

More like BOOOOOOOBQ, right? Not like boobs but like “boo.” You get it. Anyway, “Adam”‘s company refuses to reimburse them for their BBQ spendings, so in retaliation they have hung a sign in their window stating that “Adam Sandler ate here and never paid.” Which is a BIT misleading. He called and ordered food for a BBQ (from an ITALIAN restaurant) allegedly and then didn’t pick it up or pay for it, he did not eat inside your restaurant and then leave without paying for it. But, in any case, a CLASSIC BURN! No one is going to see Meet Little Jerky, which is the best fake Adam Sandler movie I could come up with, anymore! But should this Italian restaurant be the only one having fun with signs that may or may not be true about celebrities eating at their restaurant? NO! NO DEFINITELY NOT! Here are a few to get the ball rolling:

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  1. Don’t be modest, Kels; Meet Little Jerky is the best fake Adam Sandler movie title ANYONE could come up with.

  2. Hugh Jackman ate here and drank 6 cups of iced tea!

  3. Gwyneth Paltrow ate here and tried to pay with a $1000 bill.

  4. Jake Gylenhaal ate here before it was cool.

  5. Some kid with a fancy phone eats here and now he keeps referring to himself as “The Mayor”!

  6. Bruce Willis ate here and was alive the whole time.

  7. David Caruso ate here and said the food was…

    …to die for.


  8. What’s that? Adam Sandler’s production company might want to have a barbecue here at my Italian restaurant next week? No need for specific dates or times! I’m off to go buy three grand worth of food!

  9. Blake Lively ordered a burger with sweet potato fries, we told her we don’t do substitutions. She proceeded to eat a plate of french fries and a plate of sweet potato fries.

  10. That guy from that movie we watched the other night ate here and none of us could remember his name, so I imdb’d him when I got home — it was Bruce McGill.

  11. Chet Haze ate here and we all #gothazed

  12. Bill Paxton ate here and was less than amused by the staff quoting from Aliens and Weird Science.

  13. “Pee Wee Herman knew we ate here but what was he”

  14. Jerry Ferrara tipped 5 bucks for a cup of ice.

    • America Ferrara ate here and it is a shame that people associate her with a character named Ugly Betty, because I mean, really, people. She is very pretty.

  15. Crispin Glover tried to eat here, but we all hid in the kitchen until he went away.

  16. George Clooney ate here and put sugar into the salt jar (and vice versa!)


  18. Charo ate here and said the cheese steaks were ‘cuchi cuchi’, whatever the fuck that means.

  19. Matthew McConaughey wanted to eat here, but he didn’t approve of our “no shoes, no shirts, no service” policy.

  20. Arnie Survived E.Co… sorry, Maria.

    • Carlos Santana has a sign in the window of his restaurant that says “Arnie survived eating here twice.”

      • True story: Carlos Santana and his band ordered $300 worth of cuban chicken and then didn’t want it, and gave it to me and my friends. He HAS changed his evil ways!

        • Now I regret posting this because it makes it sound like I am all “Look at me! I had this amazing interaction with Carlos!” so let me clarify: my friend had the interaction and I just got to eat the chicken. And I am only sure he wasn’t lying about how he got the chicken because I want it to be true.

  21. al pacino ate here in a goofy afro-wig…then took a waitress home and shot her.

  22. Also just noticed the first comment “Jewish. Guilty as charged.” Very comment

  23. Jim Carrey ate here and wasn’t weird at all. Which was pretty weird. Not even asparagus teeth! He just ordered, ate, and paid. We still laughed pretty hard.

    We’re still talking about Ace Ventura all the time right?

  24. Rob Schneider ate here and he paid with Adam Sandler’s credit card.

  25. “Served pizza to the Myth Busters,
    They didn’t like my stuffed crusters.”
    – Edgar Allen Pizza Pie

  26. Louie CK ate here and then Dane Cook ate here.

    • Patton Oswalt railed about our “Famous Bowl” and then this Nick Madson guy did the same, but with less entertainment value.

  27. Actor Hugh Jackman drank here and never paid (for new upholstery).

  28. Chuck Berry ate here and tried to hide a video camera in the women’s bathroom.

  29. Jonah Hill used to eat here but we haven’t seen him in a while.

  30. Bill Clinton had three bowls. How many bowls can you have?

    (real sign in the window of a Vietnamese noodle restaurant in Melbourne)

  31. Zack Braff ate here and got fat.

    I misunderstood the assignment.

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    • Hahaha, im sure Adam Sandler, a frequent Videogum commenter obviously, is greatly relieved Mr or Mrs Massachusetts. I hear he hasn’t slept a wink since the scandal broke!!

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