As one YouTube commenter has already pointed out: more like dog BARKour. LOL! This is great. So extreme. How mad is Jason Statham right now? GO TO BED, JASON STATHAM, A DOG CAN DO YOUR JOB NOW. Really looking forward to Crank 3. “He was dead but now he’s a dog.” (Thanks for the tip, Tyler.)

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  1. I’m glad they’re finally bringing the Air Bud series back to its roots.

  2. Just when you start to doubt the Internet, it gives you this. Beautiful!

  3. “When these dogs run up the wall, what are they REALLY running from?” – Dr. Birdie

  4. I prefer dog planking

  5. my dog does barkkour everytime i turn on the vacuum. he’s great at it.

  6. “goddamn dogs stole my bit” – cats

  7. This video makes me so happy that I’m literally climbing the walls with excitement. Should’ve stretched first though.

  8. I prefer dog horsemaning.

  9. It’s all fun and games until someone needs a helicopter.

  10. Not to ruin the fun but, through the magic of editing, are we witnessing his/her final trick at 0:49?

  11. Someone stop that man, he stole that lady’s bacon! Oh dammit, I am TOO YOUNG for this shit! – Peter Barker, Barkour Professional

  12. fake and gay-nine

  13. American PitBulls Terriers fucking Rule

  14. Yeah, it’s cute now, but you know that the dog’s owners can’t ever leave any kind of food on the kitchen counter without it disappearing in less than a minute.

    • I was gonna say: he probably also knows how to open your refrigerator and eat all of your food, and also get into your room and eat your shoes while you are gone!

  15. That dog looked very lifelike, Andy Serkis did a great job.

  16. I have to say that I love this. But I also have to say I’m worried he’ll get early onset hip issues as I’ve seen some pups get very hurt from jumping up and down mountains during hikes. But it is very entertaining and he looks happy, so yay for him. But hopefully he’ll lose interest in extreme fetch (it looked like he was retrieving many times) before he gets too old for it. But if this is what makes him happy, fetch little puppy in what looks like Eastern Europe! Fetch like the wind!


  17. I just loved absolutely everything about this video. I found what I’ve been looking for this whole time. Shut it down.

  18. This dog obviously wasn’t white in a past life.

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