• Alec Baldwin may leave 30 Rock or he may not or he may just be in fewer episodes or the world may end tomorrow no one knows. -Vulture
  • Oh yeah speaking of he also wants to run for mayor but guess what I want a billion dollars and I don’t see that happening any time soon either. -NYT
  • Gary Busey maybe kicked a kid in the stomach once, says Paul Sheer, and that source is enough of a reliable source for me. -FilmDrunk
  • The great thing about a written Jesse Eisenberg interview is that it’s not a filmed Jesse Eisenberg interview. -AV Club
  • Read GQ‘s oral history of the Dana Carvey Show, it is great! -GQ
  • At a state fair people are frying sticks of butter and then selling them to people and then the people are eating them. Which is horrifying. But you know what I have to say to that? You know sometimes a recipe calls for a whole stick of butter? And you’re like whatever it’s fine because I’m not going to eat ALL of it right now. But then you end up actually eating all of it? You also just ate a whole stick of butter. Sometimes people just have to eat whole sticks of butter. -TheDailyWhat
  • Read this Esquire interview/story of spending the day with Ryan Gosling and try not to die from loving it so much, you Ryan Gosling MTV’s FANatics. -Esquire
  • Zooey Deschanel wants you to know that the character in her upcoming real dumb TV show is not a douchebag. UGH ZOOEY. Zooey you are cute but I dislike you so much. -E!
  • Here is an interview with Entourage‘s Andrew Dice Clay in which you find out that he prefers to be called “Dice.” – Salon
  • Mila Kunis says everyone can lose weight if they just want to enough. “I see no problem with saying this.” – An actual thing she had to think! Aw man, Mila. I still love you. -The Superficial
  • Why not watch James Franco talk about his failed sex tape with his girlfriend. Why not right? Why not. Sounds fine enough. -Celebuzz
  • Here’s a first look at Tom Hanks in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Here’s a good joke you can take if you want: If you’re ever at like a meeting or whatever that’s long and boring you can say “If Jonathan Safran Foer wrote this meeting it’d be called Extremely Long and Incredibly Boring.” No need to cite me. On the house. Also, that’s what she said. About the joke. Long and boring. -Movieline
  • Look at these pictures of Chuck and Blair filming in the Upper West Side! What does it mean??? No don’t tell me!!! -Just Jared
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  1. Serious question, how does one eat a fried stick of butter? Chances are the butter would melt, leak out into the oil, and leave a fried batter shell roughly the size and shape of a stick of butter. Even if it did stay in there, when you bite in, wouldn’t you immediately just get a face full of liquid butter?

    Another serious question, why is there a competition for eating butter sticks, and why do people enter? The record is 7 quarter-pound sticks eaten in 5 minutes. THAT IS NOT A THING THAT SHOULD HAPPEN EVER.

    • You ever had fried ice cream? THE SCIENCE IS THERE.

    • I believe they keep the butter “cold” through a process called “refrigeration”.

    • Apparently the butter melts but stays inside of the fried batter, and you do indeed get a face full of liquid butter. And it drips down your hand and arm and shirt and legs and onto your shoes and yes I’m from Iowa.

    • I had a friend who raided a fridge and scored some brick-sized industrial sticks of butter. Turns out if you put one in the microwave for just seconds, the inside melts but the outside stays solid. Then you can run outdoors and hurl it at a passing car and it will explode VERY impressively. That’s my butter in college story.

      • I want to add that we learned this specifically because his archenemy was driving by in some kind of sorority car parade. Shenanigans!

  2. I was all ready to defend Mila Kunis because yes, anybody can lose weight if they try hard enough, but then I saw that what she actually said was “Your body can do everything and anything, you just have to want to do it” and ugh.

    No it can’t! Your body can do some cool stuff, but it certainly can’t do anything OR everything. It can do a finite number of things, and only a couple of those at a time. Also what is with people talking about your body as though it is not a part of you? Gross.

  3. Greg, you linked to the fourth page of that Ryan Gosling interview! That was a mean trick to play.

  4. Whoa wait, Tom Hanks plays the boy’s dad in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close? I automatically assumed he was playing the 100-year-old half-deaf guy who yells all the time. You know, awards season bait and all that. You can really tell I kept up with the production of this film.

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