No. Nope. Absolutely not! No. (Via ViralVideos.)

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  1. Yes, but WHICH Samuels is it?

  2. Livin’ De Midlife Crisis Bitch.

  3. I’m dying the death.

  4. we should all be so lucky as to find something that makes us rich and shameless.

  5. This is Gabe’s generations Rebecca Black.

  6. A. Samuels very clearly has mad street cred. Did you see him at 1:45 doing that super hip handshake with the black guy, who we can be certain is a very legit rapper due to his race?

  7. Homeboy’s LOLk be burstin at the seams, son

  8. He should marry that horrible Countess NY Housewife woman. Because that is the ONLY person in the world that will appreciate his video. They are perfect for one another.

  9. ok, you know what, fuck this guy

    And I JUST signed a petition about ending fake rap and then THIS Shit happens?
    Nope. Fuck that too.

  10. Ricky Martin already did this over a decade ago, and he did it crazy I might add.

  11. Any song that starts with shouting out the rapper’s name, followed by “Newark, New Jersey” is bound to be great.

  12. Thank you, A. Samuels, for reminding me that I am not as old or as uncool as I sometimes think I am.

  13. although, i’m sure they’re 1,000 times worse people than he is [that's how heredity works for rich people] i am embarrassed for his children.

    • Apparently he comes home every day and asks his family if “they livin de life,” which suggested that they’d be immune by now. Or dead, either way.

  14. Who let dad out of the house?

  15. This sequel to Cocoon is weird you guys.

  16. LOL!! yyyyoooooooo!! bwahahahah! mutahfucka is right about now thing; its all about making that paper.

  17. Y’all are all part of the hype.

  18. That guy is really good at basketball, and rapping. Also, he breathes smoke? Or something? Now THAT’S what I call “livin’ de life”!

  19. I was very surprised that the video was the why it was. There is no way I would have guessed it would be that way, In fact I was still a little confused a quarter of the way through. Very surprising! Knowing this guy personally would not be fun, not at all. No surprises there.

    Because he is just obviously very good at hip hop and dressing in cool clothes and acting his age I wasn’t fully sure that he wasn’t just the rap genius and I was the idiot until he got to his shout outs and gave props to the “Maniacs who infect us!”. Now I’m no rich white dude with a circle of privileged friends who’ve created this world where we all are very cool and encourge eachother’s neat rap videos, but I think he was going for “to the people who protect us from the maniacs who infect us”. Maybe not, obviously A. Samuels isn’t afraid to speak his mind and stir the pot. That is probably part of “living da life” actually. Silly me.

  20. If he’s so rich can’t he get recording equipment that doesn’t overheat and start smoking?

  21. I be takin my life

  22. Did anyone else notice that his posse is a group of 12 year olds?

  23. I’m confused. Is this a pro- or antiabortion video?

  24. A. Samuels :: Rap


    Richard Simmons :: Planking

  25. Michael Scott has done some amazing things since leaving The Office.

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