Eek! Stay safe out there, you guys. Stop trying to cheat death, probably.

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  1. Don’t even try to not watch this video, you guys. That won’t end well.

  2. Gabe,

    fuck you, its been two weeks since the last ‘Hunt for the worst movie ever’ and you even did a widely considered good movie. Come on bring it back. Come on. DO it.

  3. “Go gentle into that good night.” – Gabe

  4. For something that should have died many many years ago, this film franchise has managed to stay alive a whole lot longer than anyone could have predicted.

  5. The timing of this post and JustDessert’s tweets from last night is blowing my mind a bit. Hey, maybe there’s a cool death scene right here.

  6. So this is what the guy that lives in the small apartment is hiding from. He’s attempting to cheat death, as it is widely know that death doesn’t look in the closet for people, because people don’t live in closets. Nooooooow it all makes sense.

  7. I’ve never seen these movies. Do they take place on a planet of boneless jello people?

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