This is a gossip photo of former California politician and the inspiration for the hit cartoon show The Governator, and the webmaster of “>a GREAT homepage, Arnold Schwarzenegger, cooling down after a Presidential Fitness Test. Check out his very neat t-shirt! His new name is Mr. Cool Shirt! You probably don’t know this, because it was a Top Secret that was only discussed among the politicians inner circle, but he was until very recently married to Maria Shriver. She separated from him after learning that he had a SECRET FAMILY with one of their slaves. Servants? The point is: yikes. This shirt, TMZ points out, was given to him “last November, during a farewell party for the Governator’s staff. The shirts were actually designed by Maria’s staff, as a joke.” Good joke? I don’t get the joke. Good shirt to wear when you’re working out! Ugh. WHAT AN A-HOLE! The A-holeanator! Gross. The Grossanator. But, so, what should Maria Shriver’s sassy comeback ironic workout t-shirt say?!

Winner will receive special mention in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. And best of all, they will not have to be married to or have a secret family with Arnold “Barf” Schwarzenegger. (No luck for the rest of you Mrs. Schwarzeneggers.) (Photo montage via FilmDrunk.)

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  1. Hurricane Maria only attacked douches who carry on long-term affairs with their help

  2. This is less of a caption than a question: Why is 2007-2010 written right by his butthole, like the stupidest skid mark?

  3. Maria’s shirt will say “Consider this a divorce.” It will also be made entirely out of money she won in the settlement.

  4. “Total Recall” – California voters


  6. I wont be back.

  7. Yea, well, *I* survived watching Terminator 3.

  8. “As a mother, my concern is for the children. I ask for compassion, respect and privacy as my children and I try to rebuild our lives and heal.”

  9. Danny DeVito just got a shirt that said Still With Rhea

  10. Prenupdator

  11. You guys are going to feel like dicks when it turns out that he just won this t-shirt at a screening of The Sound of Music.

  12. oh, the governator has always been bad with grammar…the shirt should read “Maria Survived”

  13. Come with me if you want to start a secret family and destroy a high profile marriage.

  14. “That’s not what ironic means.”

  15. Great, now assholes have taken Pilates.

  16. Front: Hey, Arnold. Remember when I said I’d divorce you last?

    Back: I lied.

  17. “I (barely) Survived Arnold” -California’s T-shirt

  18. The Last Action the Last Action Hero Will Ever Get

  19. “Ack!”

  20. It’ll be a picture of Arnold’s love child with the caption:

    “Who is you daddy, and what does he do?”

  21. “survived maria….still dealing with gonorrhea”

  22. You are gross to look at anyway!

  23. oh Maria Maria
    she [our servant] reminds me of a west side story
    Growing up in Spanish Harlem
    She’s now living the life of a movie Star

    “ahaha. really well put together and relevant santana joke.” – No one

  24. Are we sure this isn’t a West Side Story reference?

  25. it’ll probably say something very ironic and referential like “I’ll be back (for more child support)”?

  26. Unfortunately, nobody survived “Jingle All the Way”

  27. “Survived” is German for “cheated on and humiliated” so actually it’s not ironic.

  28. His Shirt: “Survived Maria”

    Her Shirt: “No You Didn’t”

  29. Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.

  30. Stallone has a bigger cock.

  31. Got a problem?

  32. the expendables

    • More like “The Expandables”! Because…you know…he’s like….wearing spandex which is, like….stretchy….

  33. Argh! Too many choices.
    1. “I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle…and half of everything else” (0:14)
    2. “What have you been feeding this thing”
    “Housekeepers” (1:12)
    3. “Consider that a divorce” (1:54)

  34. “My Other Family are Not My Employees”

  35. His face looks like he’s just had a chemical peel. Maybe he’s got the same dermatologist as Pam.

  36. “Hasta La Vista, Baby”

  37. I Hated My Ex-Wife Before It Was Cool


  39. He wasn’t sure if he looked like more a fool jogging with his “Running Man” shirt on or this one. As always his super tactful judgement prevailed.

  40. “still less fucked over by Arnold than California.”

  41. So if you look closely enough, the tramp stamp on his shirt actually reads 1977-2010. In ’77, Arnie starred in a film called Pumping Iron, in which Lou Ferrigno appeared. Same year he admitted to taking performance enhancing drugs, he found a wonderful woman, and his bodybuilding guide was published. There’s really nothing funny about ’77 to the public eye, but to ol’ Arnie, it was the year his penis came into fruition, and 2010 was the year it was completely obliterated. Nice knowing ya, little friend.

  42. “It WAS a tumor!” [front]

    “Endured Arnold” [back]

  43. On the front: It’s time
    On the back: To spend my alimony

  44. “Survived The 6th Day”

  45. It will never survived if you dont have any love to your people.Arnold was a good and great leadership.

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