It has been awhile since we’ve had any breaking fart news (and the last story was a blind item). Hard to pinpoint why, exactly. Certainly the world’s latest economic troubles can’t be EASY ON THE SYSTEM. (I’m not even holding elective office and I would say that the debt ceiling debates only generated at least four farts.) But, you know, that’s how the news cycle works. Sometimes it’s slow and quiet (literally quiet) and sometimes you can’t throw a news-stone without hitting a story about someone who is farting. When it farts it pours, as they say. Anyway, it appears our Long National Fart Drought Is Over as it appears that Barney Frank may have farted on Rachel Maddow last night. Alert the media? THIS IS THE MEDIA!

We will continue to follow this important story. (Via DailyIntelligencer.)

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  1. When it farts it pours? Dude, that is just a gross turn of phrase.

  2. Barney Frank’s voice already sounds so much like a fart that it’s hard to hear the actual fart. It’s like vocal camouflage. Fartouflage?

  3. The Parents Television Council is not going to like this!

  4. I like the way he rocks back and forth, left to right, trying to work it out silently… Nice Technique, Barney.

  5. Sure Fox will jump on this. Like Republican Massholes smell like roses or something.

  6. He puts the art in fart.

  7. That’s your (my) 4th Congressional District State Representative of Massachusetts.

  8. Woooo… Somebody needs to open the debt window, the debt door, turn on the debt ceiling fan or something. Getting a bit stuffy in here.

  9. I think he just butt sexted me.

  10. “Looks like he’s got hot air coming out BOTH ENDS.” — Jay Leno

  11. “Better out than in” – this guy

  12. “Coming up next on The No Spin Zone: Bill Nye The Science Guy joins anchor Jon Scott for a discussion of the effect that Democratic Flatulence (DF) has on global warming. Something stinks in here and it’s not just Obama’s budget proposal, am I right people? Would someone crack the debt ceiling and let in some fresh air?? But first: tragedy strikes as 38 die in a bus bombing in downtown Tripoli.”

    -Megyn Kelly

  13. Apparently Barney is a Top.

  14. Could have used a timely clearing of the throat for absolute fart safety.

  15. I wonder if the studio smelled like cum afterward.

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