Uh oh. She mad. She backtraced it, I’m sure, and now she is going to call the Internet Police! The truth of the matter is that this Internet stuff is driving us ALL crazy, and you guys should quit trolling her grandson and give him his account back. Come on, guys. Quit it. On a sidenote, do you know how bad I wish the Internet Police was a real thing? I feel like a lot of people who watch this video get to the part about Internet Police and think “hahaha,” but I get to that part and I think, “HOW IS THAT NOT A REAL THING WE NEED IT PUT THEM ALL IN JAIL!” Rango’s a sheriff, right? Get him.

P.S. This is CopperCab‘s grandmother. Really. (Via Arbroath.)

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  1. Gingers do have souls. And plastic-covered couches.

  2. Nana Memaw got my back. She know the sco’.

    ‘You are now a duly appointed federal Internet MAHSHAL.’ – Captain DiCaprio

  3. I am worried about Bruce Vilanch, you guys.

  4. I feel like the whole CopperCab YouTube saga is going to be the foundation of a future FBI profiler’s most important work.

  5. Sadly, there’s not a doubt in my mind that that is actually his Grandmother

  6. The fan in the mirror above her head makes it look like she is wearing one of those propeller beanie hats. I can’t tell you how happy that discovery made me.

  7. i kept thinking she was wearing one of those twirly hats, was genuinely bummed when it was just the mirror.

  8. Hey, did anybody else think she was wearing a twirly propeller beanie hat?

  9. The fact that there is an ad enabled on this video means the ginger family is trolling the internet.

    • I think there is a point in about his 3rd response video where you can actaully see him become self aware. Its not much, just the way he executes his rants. Once I noticed it, I could never watch the videos the same way again.

  10. That angle really make it looks like she’s bald until she turns her head.

  11. “Give my grandson his internet back! How am I going to fit into all these bikinis? Ack!”

  12. I have never watched a CopperCab video, and I am not about to start now.

    Don’t think this has spared me the haunting sense of ” Someone stop this. Oh god, why is everyone just watching? Somebody…somebody stop it!”

    So don’t worry.

  13. His grandma kind of looks like Coppercab in a Big Mommas House/ Mrs. Doubtfire fat suit.

  14. I hear you, lady – this here infernets is driving me crazy, too.

  15. I will give him his account back if you promise to shoot any and all future videos with the camera positioned at a higher angle. TIA.

  16. That was worse than any of my nightmares. Are we sure this isn’t just Eli Roth previewing a section of his horror maze? Cuz it’s a very very godd horror maze if so. You did Eli Roth, I am scared and saddened and uneasy all at once, get me out of this MAZE!

    I wish these people peace.

    Also, LOL to Horror Maze!

  17. I wish my grandmother looked like Detective Vic Mackey. Wait, no I don’t. Nobody wants that.

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