They are making a third Dirty Dancing movie, obviously. Since the second one did so well. It’s barely a day goes by where you don’t read another essay from Manohla Dargis about the ways in which Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights changed the film landscape forever. There is actually a funny story about Dirty Dancing Havana Nights, which is that the host of NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Peter Sagal, wrote a serious screenplay about a love story set in the Cuban revolution and that was eventually purchased, rewritten, and transformed into Dirty Dancing Havana Nights. That’s a funny thing! Oh, Hollywood. You are aces. Anyway, Dirty Dancing 3, from Deadline Hollywood:

The new film is a celebration of one of the most beloved movies of all time. Paying tribute to the emotional excitement of first love, the thrills and complexity of sexual awakening, the soul stirring power of dance, and the classic tale of teenage Baby’s forbidden romance with Johnny Castle, the remake will incorporate classic songs from the 1960s, hits from the original film and brand new compositions.

“Amazingly it has been almost 25 years since the original film was released, but the fans remain legion, and engaged more than ever with a brand that is special and vital to them. We believe that the timing couldn’t be better to modernize this story on the big screen, and we are proud to have Kenny Ortega at the helm.” said Drake.

Kenny Ortega, of course, choreographed the original Dirty Dancing. But of course, you already knew that. “Uh, hi, Gabe, if I needed you to tell me who Kenny Ortega is then I probably should have my Dance Movie Choreographer Super Fan Club Power Member Membership Card taken away from me hahaha THANKS.” In any case, we can all agree that the timing couldn’t be better (?) to modernize this story on the big screen, and that it will definitely be a celebration of emotional excitement and the thrill of teen sex. BUT WHAT WILL THE TAGLINE BE?

  • Nobody JPEG’s Baby In The Blogger
  • Catskills 2400AD: Catskills On Mars
  • This Ain’t Your 36-Year-Old Great Grandpappy’s Dirty Dancing
  • He Was A Dancer, She Was A Hologram
  • He Was A Hologram, She Was A Hologram

You’re welcome to suggest your own taglines for Dirty Dancing 3 although I think we can all agree that it will probably end up being one of my suggestions because they’re so good. “And the Oscar for best tagline goes to…ME!”

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  1. ‘I teleported a watermelon!’ ?

  2. Dirty Dancing Baby Animated Gif

  3. Dirty Dancing 3: What the Heck’s a Catskill?

  4. Do the Fandango Tango, THIS NOVEMBER

  5. Th3 Thrills & Compl3xity of S3xual Awak3ning

  6. “The love that launched a dance dance revolution.”

  7. Dirty Dancing 3: You Don’t Know Fuckin Kenny Ortega? Fuck You, He’ll Dance on Top of Your Face

  8. ur pretty and a gd dncr, but ur bitch


  10. trailer quote: “THIS IS OUR TIME….Let’s have it of our lives!”

  11. Who Says You Can Only Dance In Front of the Motion-Capture TV Screen?

  12. “No matter who wins… we dance!”


    Kenny Ortega directed Hocus Pocus. THAT MOVIE SCARED/S THE SHIT OUT OF ME. AM I ALONE?

  14. Dougie Dancing

  15. July 2: They Arrive
    July 3: They Dance
    July 4: WE DANCE BACK

  16. Dirty Dancing 3: You Know There’s No Way This Movie Won’t Feature That Terrible Black Eyed Peas Song.

  17. Dirty Dancing 3: Without the abortion this time

  18. Dirty Dancing 3: Pretty Much the Same Movie as the First One (We were just hoping you wouldn’t notice or that if you did notice you would just buy a ticket anyway – cha ching)

  19. Dirty Dancing 3: Our Generation’s Footloose Remake

  20. I can’t wait for the 4d installment: (Dirty) Dancing all the way the Bank

  21. Just stepping in to defend Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. Not exactly Oscar caliber, and certainly cheesy, but it’s a very enjoyable movie, mostly because everybody in it is pretty great. Romola Garai is a really underrated actress, IMO, and of course Diego Luna is very nice to look at. Plus, the supporting cast includes Roger Sterling and Betty Draper. What’s not to love?

  22. ‘Dirty Dancing 3D: The Ghost of Johnny Castle (Roadhouse)’

  23. God help me I’m actually coming up with serious taglines for this ‘film’. Here we go:

    - The grace of dance. The art of romance!
    - You’ve been waiting for so long …
    - Break out of the corner February 2013.
    - Turn up the music. Turn down the lights.
    - This summer … don’t clean up your act.
    - Show ‘em what you’ve got.
    - This could be love!
    - Dance for your life.

    ‘Dance for your Second Life’ is another idea I had but again, the above list includes taglines I think they’d actually use. Posters, trailers, bus ads, whatever. Take ‘em all Hollyweird, they’re free.

  24. DD3: The Bieberbada, The Forbidden Prance

  25. Dirty Dancing 3D: She’s Got Hungry Thighs

  26. What are the odds Johnny Castle won’t be a vampire?

    • I’m not even sure a story is considered romantic to a teenager unless there is a central conflict between whether or not your admirer wants to eat/kill you at some point along the way

      • Even now, the two girls (adult women?) in the cubicle next to me at work are discussing Twilight. “Are you a Twilight lover?” the conversation began. Definitely a legitimate conversation opener.

  27. The Teen Choice surfboard factory in Shenzhen is going to be working overtime.

  28. Whoever succeeds in putting baby in the corner will win a prize: Carl Kasell’s voice on his home answering machine.

  29. Dance Dirty 3 The Streetz
    Breaking Da(w)nce (maybe the announcer could be Stereotypically British?)

    Also it would be really hilarious if they got that guy Swayze to play the part played by Patrick Swayze in the original. (Rollin’ 20s on being Helpful and Informative!)

  30. Ole Dirty Dancin’: Nobody Better Put Baby Jesus In the Corner

  31. Step 1. Square your shoulders. Step 2. Follow his lead. Step 3. Open your heart.

  32. Isn’t the tagline for this already a Grindhouse trailer?

  33. Dirty Dancing 3D and the remakes continue part 1

  34. “Dedicated to the Memories of Jerry Orbach, Patrick Swayze, and Jennifer Grey’s First Nose”

  35. #babycorneringfail

  36. dirty dancing 3: random reference from the first movie that kids have never seen

  37. D3rty D3ncing: Catskillz Drift

  38. “Nobody puts this startlingly lifelike CGI baby who’s being played by Andy Serkis in a motion-capture suit in the corner!”

  39. The proper way to “pay tribute” to “one of the most beloved movies of all time” is to leave it the fuck alone! If it’s a beloved movie, don’t ruin it by remaking it.

  40. This time, it’s cervical.

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