The best part of this video besides the JOY that it brings is that brief moment of serious anticipation that comes before each spray of the bottle. The babies are like, “I don’t know if this is going to be as funny as it was the last time,” and then they get sprayed and it is TOTALLY as funny as it was the last time. Funnier maybe. (Via StuffIStoleFromTheInternet.)

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  1. Obviously that’s laughing gas in the bottle. duh.

  2. Honey for the last time those are babies not puppies, stop spraying them with the water bottle

  3. Sure its adorable when little cute kids do this, but show the video of me laughing at getting water sprayed in my face while tripping on mushrooms to the ladies at work and its all “HR” and “drug tests” and “unpaid suspension from surgical duties.”

  4. So I’ll be the first to say it: the sound + WTF reaction at 1:35 makes me miss laughing till I soiled myself.

    Do you remember laughter?

  5. That brief split-second of horror on the little girl’s face each time right after she gets sprayed is almost too much for me.

    “Oh God, is she gonna cry? Is she gonna cry?….. No, no. It’s hilarious, just like last time.”

  6. Also it is hilarious that you can tell EXACTLY what these two humans will look like 85 years from now. It’ll be basically the same as how they look now except maybe even cuter.

  7. there goes my only planned defense for when the chinese invade…

  8. I love this video on its own merits (which are ample), but also for reminding me of the greatness of “Baby Eating Watermelon” and its corresponding comment thread. Thanks, laughing babies!

  9. I love this A LOT.

  10. I could watch this video on an endless loop forever.

  11. See, they are staying off the counter and not scratching the couch now…

  12. “Stop me if you’ve heard this one…”

  13. I’m sure that I laughed this hard when I was a baby…I mean, I hope I did!

  14. That’s what you get for peeing on the furniture!

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