• Here’s an article and slideshow about the influence of Star Wars on contemporary graphics culture. Lots of different kinds of nerd stuff going on here I think you’re all going to enjoy this. -Salon
  • This is a great tumblr that is full of paper dolls from our favorite TV shows, like Parks & Recreation and Breaking Bad. Print all of them out right away if you have a printer which, chances are, you probably don’t, but do it if you do. -FlannelAnimal
  • There’s another Sarah Palin documentary?? And it’s by the guy who did Kurt and Courtney??? But I haven’t even seen the last one yet! And I owned that movie when I was young! -FilmDrunk
  • Blink 182 made a music video out of Blink 182 YouTube videos. I’m just happy to see they’re all getting along again. -TheDailyWhat
  • Nicole Kidman kind of looks like Heidi from Spencer and Heidi in this picture. -Dlisted
  • Breaking Bad has to make their next season one episode long and made out of popsicle sticks basically because Mad Men is a big fat money jerk. All of this is accurate. -LA Times
  • Lookit Paul Rudd on the cover of Nylon. I’ve never purchased Nylon and I’m not going to purchase this one, but they certainly do frequently have covers that almost make me want to purchase them. -ONTD
  • Showtime is going to have a comedians-talking-about-comedy show, like when HBO did that Talking Funny special. That will probably be good! And Steve Carell is producing it, though I really have no idea what producers do so that may mean nothing. -Vulture
  • Did you know Michelle Williams is playing Marilyn Monroe in a movie? I didn’t know that! I love Michelle Williams! -Movieline
  • If you look at these photos from the set of Gossip Girl really fast back to back and provide dialogue with your mouth, it’s almost like you’re watching a new episode! -Celebuzz
  • Speaking of Gossip Girl, guess who’s returning to it! Hint: You don’t care really! -EW
  • And finally please watch all of these It’s Always Sunny promos. Great! -Warming Glow
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  1. Nothing about how the Scrubs creator is really angry at the bad reviews that Zach Braff’s play is getting but remains oddly silent about the time Zach’s site was hacked?

  2. OK, I’ll say it… E-nough with Star Wars already! Can we move on, internet?? PLEASE!!

    They were some good movies. but JESUS!

  3. oh man…those star wars prints are so bad kind of?! Posterize filter…really?
    Anyone else have a cow (normal saying) when they saw them. There are so many pretty great star wars influence design pieces…and these are not them.

  4. I don’t recall that guy on Gossip Girl. Who was he?

  5. Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe? Lindsay Lohan must be so furious, because I seem to remember that she’s obsessed with Marilyn Monroe almost as much as she’s obsessed with herself.
    I think there’s even money on word leaking out that she threw at least one piece of glassware at a wall when she heard this news.

  6. Dear Kelly,
    I feel like we are soul sistas you know? You like…watch all the tv shows I watch and geek out about all the stuff I geek out about. And in the spirit of sisterhood…could we please get the Gossip Girl recaps back on Videogum. I MISS them. You should totes do them. Pretty please!

  7. Flannel Animal has all kinds of paper dolls and he’s a really talented and nice guy, so you should definitely click over and check them out. I mean, you’re not checking them out because he’s a talented and nice guy, but because the dolls are funny. And all your favorite shows (some shows not included)!

    I would make the worst publicist.

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