The E! network announced today that not only will it be broadcasting Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kris Humphries, but that this special event will be four hours long. PURRRRRRFECT. Unrelated: do you guys ever wish the whole planet would just blow up completely?

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  1. i really really hope that Kris Humphries does weddings like Crystal Harris.

  2. Wait, another Kardashian is getting married? Jesus. I am having a really tough time keeping up with these girls.

  3. Yes.

    Do you ever wish you could breathe underwater?

  4. She’s pretty.

    Seriously, though. I know she represents the fall of civilization, but I can’t help being warm for her form.

  5. Any chance we could get the Kris and Kim Kardashian wedding to take place at the Apollo Theater, because then I think this situation might resolve itself quite nicely.

  6. Fingers crossed that Sarah Ferguson will be allowed to attend THIS annoying piece of shit.

  7. I’ve never been so happy to be so old and out of it as I am right now, because I have no idea who Kris Humphries is and I had no idea there was a wedding coming up.

    (Thanks, videogum, for making me feel young again?)

  8. Man, I can’t even hate the Kardashians. I mean, I DO hate them, but I really shouldn’t. Not like any of use wouldn’t do the exact same thing given the opportunity. I blame everybody who watches the shows, and buys the magazines, and just generally contributes to the idea that they are worthy of fame.

  9. If you are on the fence, I really suggest you watch this.

    Otherwise, you’re just going to be lost when the sequel comes around next year (6 hours of divorce coverage.)

  10. The Kardashians. Making the genocide in Turkey the second-worst thing to happen to Armenians.

  11. I wish the whole E! Network would just blow up completely. Can 2012 come early for the E! Network?

  12. Wish means expect, right?

  13. I honestly hope the insanely long wedding will actually be some crazy drawn-out very old school ceremony in Armenian at an Orthodox Church that no one will understand because hahahahahahahahahaha. I hate these people. These people = the people who support the Kardashian empire of awful.

    6 hours? The royal wedding wasn’t that long and half of that was just panning through audiences in London. Will people be lining the streets to watch this? Because this would be a perfect time for a giant fissure to erupt and suck Calabasas into the underworld.

  14. I came in here because, yes, I do!

    I always say that most of the time I just wish I was dead. But then that would cause a lot of pain for my family and friends, so then I hope that all the people I love will die at the same time, but that would just be evil. So I hope every day that an asteroid will hit the earth and everyone goes together.

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