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  1. Looks more like a bird. Maybe a plane.

  2. I’m worried they’re just going to keep making the same superhero movies over and over again, always the origin story, never a continuation. That way, nothing changes and we never have to feel like out preconceived notions of what Superman or Lois Lane is. Hooray for cinema.

    • An excerpt from a futuristic Hollywood studio executive conversion:

      Hollywood Executive 1: “Batman! Fucking Batman of Superman and Lois Lane for Alfred Lex because Joker Luthor Fortress of Goddamn Solitude!”
      Hollywood Executive 2: “IRON MAN! Spider-Man to Peter Fantastic Four Parker when Hulk Hulk Fucking Hulk you MAG FUCKING NETO.”
      Hollywood Executive 1: “Penguin Riddler Penguin Riddler! Green Lantern! Darker Green Lantern!”
      Hollywood Executive 2: “Thor! Thor Venom Hulk and X-Men Wolverine Ryan Gosling Week shit shit Green Goblin.”
      Hollywood Executive 1: “$480 trillion.”
      Hollywood Executive 2: “Deal.”
      Hollywood Executive 1: “Wonder Woman.”

  3. There’s something fishy in this vault and it smells like fish! #MysteryTeamThief

  4. I think Superman is my least favorite superhero. Aside from usually siding with the villians or socio-path/ psychotic superheroes, I just find Superman lame. #opinionnoonecaresaboutgum.

    • Ahem, I think you’re forgetting someone…

    • I used to be a big Superman fan because my boyfriend at the time was a big Superman fan (FELLAS), and we would watch Smallville, and stand in line for the early show of Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns. He was always explaining details about the mythology of Superman that I couldn’t have known because I hadn’t invested years into comic books like he had. I was fascinated.

      Then we broke up. I stopped watching that awful show. And I realized I’m more into self-made guys like Batman (FELLAS).

      Cool story, cakeordeath.

  5. In case any of you aren’t able ot load it, I’ll post it here:

  6. Superman! This time without the shitty kid plotline!

  7. Henry Cavill? Psssssh. Call me when there’s a Henry Cabot Lodge Superman.

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