On mornings like these, when you wake up and think, “OMGoodness, it cannot possibly be the time my telephone says it is, this is certainly not the funniest prank anyone has ever pulled on me but it is definitely some sort of a prank, I can recognize that, because there is no way I can even think about being alive right now and oh my god what day is it,” it is important to remember that there is almost always something good waiting for you in the day ahead. For example, maybe that special someone will accidentally brush against your arm during study hall or in the break room when you both go for the paper water cups at the same time. Or, maybe you will receive a package in the mail that you forgot you were expecting. Or maybe someone will suggest ordering lunch from your favorite lunch spot because they are having a 15% off all orders sale. Or maybe you will look a little better today than you normally look. Or maybe you will see an incredibly good 13 second video of a banana driving a car, when you weren’t expecting to see any incredibly good 13 second videos at all. Whatever the case, never forget: It’s always important to wake up, face the day, and be alive when you do it. Baaanaaaanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. (Via UniqueDaily.)

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  1. He would have brought his spoon into the car with him, but it was too big.

  2. I guess that banana thought it was time to split.

  3. Very aPEALing, amirite?

  4. After the camera cut off, he was arrested for drunk driving. Apparently he’d had too much Fosters.

  5. Fun fact: in real life, I have slipped on banana peels on two non-consecutive occasions.

  6. And here I thought bananas only used Segways!

  7. Is it banana week on Videogum this week? If not official, going forward, can every Videogum year have one week dedicated to bananas?

  8. This shit is bananas.

    (Anybody else getting dejavu?)

  9. These woman banana drivers, I tell ya. And how about that airplane food?

  10. In the future, all famous videos will be 13 seconds long.

  11. To be fair, it’s only like 3 incredibly good seconds of a banana driving a car. The other 10 seconds are spent in incredibly good anticipation.

  12. I won’t be impressed until I see a banana flying a 747.

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