Happy birthday to all of us. (Thanks for the tip, jw.)

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  1. I’m assuming this video was taken at Sí World.

  2. “Dudes, you guys are totally making me hungry for fish tacos.” – the whale

  3. “Whale, whale, whale, what do we have here?”

  4. Aw, I knew I was too slow with this tip. :(

    Love that whale.

  5. A little downbeat for mariachi, no? It’s like the whale’s being played off after losing on a Mexican game show.

  6. Happy Birthday, Kelly!

  7. Really, Mariachi band? I see you have not opted to play “Baby Beluga,” literally the only song anyone has ever written specifically about Beluga whales. What gives?? (¿¿Qué da??)

  8. D’aaaaaawwww! That’s almost too charming! Everything in this video needs to be hugged, right now.

  9. Some youtube commenters properly noted that at 1:05, this whale soils itself (in delight?)

  10. This whale is my new favorite person on the Youtubes.

  11. So… Cancer is cured now right? Like, it’s gone because this video and stuff, correct?

  12. Right now Sarah Palin is composing an angry tweet about how foreigners are taking all the American whale serenading jobs.

  13. First we take one fun loving mariachi band:

    Then we add one music loving Beluga whale:

    We arrive at:

    I once saw this in a math book a long time ago and now it all makes sense.

  14. As a CT Cultural Ambassador (that’s a real thing that I am – my wife signed me up), I heartily encourage you all to visit the Mystic Aquarium if you’re on your way to the casinos so you can see this beluga in person. In fact, I’ll make sure to get a piano quintet to play Schubert’s “Trout” quintet while you visit.

  15. I mean what’s the mariachi band going to do, NOT serenade a beluga whale?

  16. I officially love this more than anything.

  17. That was actually a Narcocorrido, and that beluga whale is actually one of the most intelligent, dangerous drug lords in all the Pacific.

  18. see, because now it’s one in the morning and I’m already on my way back to work and all I am consumed by is the worry, the fear, that any delight the whale exhibits is just me personifying the whale- oh look, he’s smiling (well, no, they always do that.) or oh, he’s clearly dancing at the end (because floating up and down is dancing?) What I’m saying is I would like some scientific proof that whales dance like this so I can know if he was, in fact, truly enjoying himself before I can allow myself this win for the most charming thing.

    Happy (belated) birthday, Gabe.

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