A couple of months ago, the women of America lost their MINDS when Bradley Cooper spoke some passable high school French on a talk show (pas d’offense). Fair enough! Trust me, I get it. Women were like, “wait a second, he’s incredibly handsome, he starred in my favorite movie of all time, Limitless, AND he speaks French?” (Gotcha, Limitless. You thought you were off the hook but I gotcha!) Well, go lie down on your day beds and take a powder ladies, because this one is STRICTLY 4 THA FELLAS. At a recent press junket for Friends with Benefits, Mila Kunis busted out her RUSSIAN. Yowza! Sure, French is the language of love and Russian is the language of borscht, but still: hot stuff! Mila Kunis, you guys. Who knew! If you had told me a year ago that the actress who did the voice of the dog on Family Guy was about to have a real Hollywood Starlette Moment I would have told you that I don’t watch Family Guy because it’s terrible and shame on you for watching Family Guy.

I wouldn’t mind getting inside her ACTOR’S STUDIO if you know what I mean. (So gross. I’m very sorry. Call me, Mila Kunis, so I can apologize to you. Nailed it. I’m flirting!) (Via HuffingtonPost.)

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  1. Err, she did the voice of the daughter. The dog is a dude, and thus is voiced by a dude. I guess you really DON’T watch Family Guy. Or else that was an intentional joke, like when we’re always calling you Gabe.

  2. Dude, from what I hear (read on ONTD DON’T JUDGE ME) she laid the smack down. Oh Mila, you are invited to the Marine’s Ball of my heart, now and forever!

  3. My Russian is a little rusty, but I’m pretty sure what she said translates as “rickdagless is very handsome and funny, I would love to spend the rest of my life with him”. Yup, pretty sure that’s right.

  4. True story: Mila Kunis is totally into me. We went on a few dates, but I broke it off. I really felt like she was russian into things too quickly.

  5. I would love to believe that this is an elaborate prank by Mila Kunis on Justin Timberlake (she got tips from Chet Haze’s dad). The “press gallery” here is full of actors, and they’re all just making noises while he gets increasingly confused why his translation earpiece doesn’t work. This will continue until he goes insane.
    “That’ll teach you to eat the last bagel from the craft services table!” – Mila Kunis

    • Good one Gobblegirl, but I think it’s part of her next project…

      Mila Kunis in Prank Club: I’m Still Here, costarring Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Tom Hanks.

  6. Just don’t call her Boris. She doesn’t understand why they always call her Boris. This guy knows what I’m talking about:

  7. I’d hit that.

  8. Reporter: “We have a nuclear weapon and we are crazy enough to use it if you do not give into our demands.”
    Mila Kunis: “MI-6 will pay for their subordination during the Cold War.”
    Justin Timberlake: “Bond. James Bond. Martini, or whatever.”
    Q: “Pipe down, 007.”
    M: “I hear the new M is a lady.”
    Mila Kunis: “The name is Dr. Christmas Jones, but Christmas comes all the time with me, do you get the sexual innuendo? It’s about orgasms, dummy!”
    Paul McCartney: “Say live and let dieeeyyy.

    And now to wait by the phone for my Academy Award nomination.

  9. Why can’t this one be for the LADIES, Gabe? UGH! If it wasn’t your birthday today, I would totally tell you you’re being a real heteronormative jerk right now!

    • Because Mila Kunis is OURS! Lesbians already stole our haircuts, flannel shirts, and love/hate relationship with vaginas. We’re keeping Mila!

    • Didn’t Mila Kunis say in an interview that she’s a gay man trapped in a lady’s body? So Gabe’s right, she is actually just for fellas.

  10. For every post about Friends With Benefits, I’ve tried to make some sort of “You don’t get a Mila Friends without making a few Benefits” joke but I’ve given up every time.

    I also think it’s funny that Mila Kunis banged Ashton in That ’70s Show, who banged Natalie Portman in “No String Attached” who banged Mila Kunis in “Black Swan!” HAHAHAHA? (Wednesday is just another word for ‘nothing left to lose.’)

    • I think its funny that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis both made the exact same movie this year.

      • I think it is funny that Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman made the same movie this year. BLACK SWAN IS REAL, SHEEPLE!

        • I really wanted the tagline for Black Swan to be “Black Swan: LET’S GET BLACK” and the trailer would have some guy yelling that in an extremely hostile manner.

      • What is funny– and weirdly comforting?– is that so much Hollywood output can be explained by way of an industry-wide OCD diagnosis.

        “Did we make that film? I feel like we maybe did! Maybe not, though?! Let’s just make it now to be safe, in case we didn’t!!! Actually let’s make it two more times just so we are even!!! That’ll be a wrap!!!

        Then we’ll move on to licking all these doorknobs..”

    • How does Kevin Bacon factor into your calculations?

  11. Next up: Elias Koteas busts out some halfway-decent Esperanto to an audience of three pigeons and a homeless person at the corner of Broadway & 133rd.

  12. И, конечно, “что 70 Показать” остается популярным в синдикации.

  13. How embarrassed should I be that I knew Mila Kunis spoke Russian because of Punk’d? Six degrees of Ashton Kutcher, guys!


    • So I just watched this whole thing and thought the following:
      – she’s awesome. she’s so awesome she should teach lessons at a learning annex on being awesome.
      – how is this a prank? this is just stupid.
      – (i did enjoy the fake punk’d on snl in which they substituted christina aguilera’s birth control pills for tic tacs. that was a funny episode, good job jt!!)
      – ashton kutcher is human garbage.

  14. She’s pretty.

  15. That’s actually probably Ukrainian! Which I know because my Ukrainian coworker always answers her cellphone with “Shoa?!?” (“what?”), which is what Mila keeps saying, and also because Wikipedia says Mila is Ukrainian. Fun fact: I recently had to spell “Ukrainian” to a paralegal at a large national law firm on two separate occasions, and she kept acting like it was the weirdest word in the world and who ever heard of Ukraine, the large eastern European country, jeez?

  16. Why does everyone find this so surprising and awesome? She’s from the Ukraine, for pete’s sake! I’m sure she speaks Russian to her parents! She may be hot, but she’s no female Bradley Cooper, given that he wasn’t born in France, so that makes it completely awesome and surprising that he knows a foreign language. Sorry, to be a party pooper, but I’m in a bad mood right now.

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