• Here are eight of the best celebrities-as-themselves movie and TV cameos. Curiously omitted: My work in several student films. -Salon
  • A woman got fined lots of money for asking a guy to stop texting during a movie. She should’ve talked to Jesse Eisenberg before acting so brashly, duh. -FilmDrunk
  • Matt Damon acts because he likes acting apparently and says nice things about teachers and looks more handsome than normal. -Dlisted
  • Check out this Stereogum interview with David Lynch, who will soon release a full-length album, which seems very weird to me but hey what do I know! -Stereogum
  • Hey guys look at how fast these balls can spin. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa. “That’s-a fast-a spinning ball-a.” -Italian caricature talking about this video. -TheDailyWhat
  • Did you guys know Hillary Duff was married??? Well, SURPRISE, she is. You can all return the engagement rings you were saving for her. And she is not ready to have kids yet. Do you have any other Hillary Duff questions? -Celebuzz
  • “Do alligators really eat marshmallows?” is the #1 question on everyone’s mind after every episode of True Blood. Guess what the answer is! You have a 50/50 shot. -National Geographic
  • Gabe hasn’t mentioned Freida Pinto lately so I don’t know what his feelings are about her right now, but I’m going to continue to include her in the list here JIC anyone has her number to give to him he just has a quick question. Here is Ms. Pinto on the Daily Show. -JustJared
  • Dane Cook will appear on Louie this week. But he’s the worst!? Watch a clip here –> -Huffington Post
  • I’m so jealous of the amount of money actors make, everybody. I wish I had that money. If I had that money I would go on vacations, but also I wouldn’t do a whole lot. I would just know that I had it and that would be enough. So why can’t I just have it already? Here are the actors who make the most money and also some surprising omissions. -Movieline
  • Here’s a vid about Game of Thrones special effects. Watch it if that sounds like something that would interest you! -BuzzFeed
  • Watch Aaron Paul on Lopez Tonight! He is the best. -ONTD
  • Speaking of Aaron Paul, is AMC an idiot? Because they’re certainly acting like an idiot about the next season of Breaking Bad. -Vulture
  • There is an Office Season 8 mini-spoiler hidden behind this link. CLICK IF YOU MUST. -EW
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  1. How’s that cameo list not even gonna mention NPH? I mean, COME ON!

    • Really, or the guy who plays himself in Zombieland. Plus, looking at that picture I thought that was LeVar Burton from that episode of Community. That was also a great cameo! And Topher Grace as Topher Grace in Ocean’s Eleven, no duh!

  2. I didn’t know so many actors owned Camaros.

  3. I really hoped that it said “Here’s a clip of Dane Cook on Louie this week!” and when you click the video it’s just a clip from Saw III of someone getting circular-sawed to the face to death.

    • Oh man, I am looking forward to that episode, because Dane Cook has been a punchline and punching bag for other comedians, maybe rightfully so, maybe not, so it’s very interesting where they are going with that story. Maybe he could be on that list of actors playing themselves afterwards!

  4. Freida Pinto is the most beautiful T-1000 I’ve ever seen.

  5. That guy at the movie theater is an asshole, but can we all agree that you just shouldn’t touch people without their prior consent? The woman could have easily asked him with her voice and words to stop texting. I hate touching and being touched by strangers. Every once in a while I’ll tap someone on the shoulder if he/she dropped something valuable and has ear buds in so can’t hear me, but only if I can’t get their attention any other way. A good rule to follow in almost all situations is keep your hands to yourself!

    • Oooh, good point. I also hate it when strangers touch me.

    • “Bitch, don’t touch me.”
      `The appropriate response.

      “Bitch, call 911/”
      `The guy from the story.

      What I’m trying to say is that “Bitch” is always a good preface when someone touches your shoulder.

  6. A six-eight episode final season of Breaking Bad would be kinda great, actually.

  7. That Matt Damon video deserves its own thread so that we can discuss how awesome Matt Damon apparently is.

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