Hey, Gary, the foreman says that if you got time to lean you got time to sing beautifully. And the sign in the breakroom reads: “Your mother doesn’t work here, so clean up after Gary. He’s busy singing like an angel!” One last joke: This site has worked 0 days without Gary being the best. (Via Daily Intelligencer.)

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  1. Gary The Singing Construction Worker is as great as Gary The City In Indiana is terrible.

  2. Bueller? Bueller?

  3. Gary, inaugural member of the (hard) Hat Pack

  4. Foreman of the Board

  5. It’s no whistle followed by vulgar words for ladyparts, but it’ll do.

  6. How long before Kathie Lee is drunk dancing along to a live rendition of this in the fourth hour?

  7. Afterward he went to Burger King b/c he wanted to make sure he could get his burger MYYYYYYYYYYYY WAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!

    *and with that, teacherman won Monster’s Ball for life and Gabe announced on Friday that videogum would no longer be holding a Monster’s Ball because clearly no one would ever best this joke. Some complained, but most understood. Sadly, Frank Lloyd Wrong committed hari kari immediately after reading the joke. He is survived by Wife Lloyd Wrong and Dog Lloyd Wrong.*

  8. That was beautiful.

  9. “Hey Gary, where’s Ace at? dis guy is some kinda quee-uh, aint he? get back to work! What’s ya nickname? Ole Blew-Guys? eyyyyy, i’m just bustin’ ya bawls.” – gary’s co-workers

  10. Sings and works on the 2nd Ave subway? He should be on American Idle, amiright?

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