If you have been following the eighth and final season of Entourage, then you know that on the show, our dear friend Johnny Drama is the star of his own animated sitcom called Johnny’s Bananas. Oh man, it is easily the best thing that has ever happened in the herstory of stupid Entourage. He plays a monkey! And the show is called JOHNNY’S BANANAS! Also Andrew Dice Clay is his co-star! I’m telling you, everything about it is perfect. All eight years of that vaporizer-weed-scented energy suck of useless Maserati worship has all been leading up to this one perfect moment. And we might end up losing the whole thing if a guy claiming that he is the REAL Johnny Bananas has his way in court. From ONTD:

An MTV reality star is threatening to sue the people behind “Entourage” — claiming the show stole his nickname, “Johnny Bananas” … and used it to fuel a storyline without his permission.

In case you gave up on “Entourage” … Johnny Drama recently agreed to be the voice of an animated TV show called “Johnny’s Bananas” … in which the characters are all apes, gorillas, and other primates
Problem is, former “Real World” star Johnny Devenanzio (pictured above left) says he’s been going by the name “Johnny Bananas” on various MTV shows since 2006 … and claims he owns the rights to the name.

Now, Johnny Bananas — the human — got himself a lawyer … who fired off a cease and desist letter to HBO, the network behind “Entourage.” In the letter, Johnny’s attorney Stephanie Ovadia writes, “If you do not cease and desist … you leave us little option but to seek judicial intervention.”

Johnny tells TMZ he believes the name controversy is “in no way coincidental and is instead an attempt to capitalize on the name recognition which I’m solely responsible for creating.”

I’m pretty sure the summer series HBO documentary Hot Coffee was about this. Sure, it might seem like a frivolous lawsuit to a bystander without all the facts, but really this is just an American trying to gain protection from the United States justice system from the egregious over-reach and dehumanized exploitation of multi-national corporations. Good luck, buddy! Of course the real Johnny Bananas also went crazy on Twitter because it’s called RESTING YOUR CASE:

If there is one thing I think we can all agree on it is that Johnny Bananas is a household name. Definitely. My mom is always like, “Hey, did you hear what Johnny Bananas is up to now? I guess he’s hosting a wet t-shirt contest at a nightclub in Denver this Tuesday. I heard about it on Morning Edition.” These days it’s hard to find someone who DOESN’T know who Johnny Bananas is. Clearly Entourage is trying to capitalize on this brand (LOL) by naming a ridiculous cartoon show within the show about a sass-talking monkey played by Johnny Drama. It’s called THE PERFECT CRIME.

We will continue to follow the TRIAL OF THE CENTURY as it unfolds. In the meantime, you should really consider following MTVBananas on Twitter. He seems like a LOT of fun.

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  1. I have very little to add other than to say that I know a guy who is referred to as Joey Box O’ Donuts.

  2. BREAKING NEWS: Johnny Bananas has been joined by three co-plaintiffs, all of whom are alleging copyright infringement from Entourage:

  3. Spoiler alert: Real life Johnny Bananas will get an appearance in this season of Entourage as a result of this.

  4. This shit is bananas.

  5. This is what they get for not going with their original idea: Johnny Apple’s Seed, the dramatic story of a man, a sperm bank, and a mysterious child.

  6. Which one was he on The Real World? The bike messenger or the guy who got kicked out for pulling a blanket off that lady?

  7. I was going to say this is ridiculous because no adult watches MTV’s competitive sex programming, but then I remembered that Entourage can’t be written by adults, so sue away, I guess.

  8. entourage knows the deal – there’s always money in the johnny bananas stand

  9. Poor guy must protect his intellectual property like dog shit.

  10. I think it’s a fair lawsuit. Even Gabe got the “pictured above left” part wrong.

  11. Johnny Bananas should have never given up animation rights.

  12. I really like that the person who wrote the article assumes people have “given up on Entourage” if they don’t know whats happening on the show, like its some sort of tedious chore that never goes away and eventually people just cant take it anymore.

  13. wouldn’t ‘Monkey Drama’ have been a better name?

  14. Next up on the docket: The Real Ed Hardy Sues Entourage for not name dropping his POS label when everyone was ridiculing Johnny’s shirt.

  15. If anyone should sue it should be Broken Lizard, because if this is a rip off of anything, it’s ‘Johnny Chimpo’ – have you guys ever seen the movie Super Troopers?

  16. douche recognize douche.

  17. Never even heard of this Douche Bag. Entourage version is funny, wish it was a real show with dice and drama doing voices, Id watch. All the hard work you did to make the name famous? WTF? Never heard of you in my life. You have fans??? lol.

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