• I’m sorry, I really love him a lot, but Joel McHale REALLY needs to stop “taking shots” at Ryan Seacrest. It is so embarrassing. No one is talking about Ryan Seacrest!  -Deadline
  • Read this article about following Aziz Ansari around the East Village. He is great. “See, how can I be mad at people who bother me for photos? I bother puppies for photos all the time.” -Vulture
  • Die Hard 5 lost its director but they’re still making it. “Oh, phew, thank goodness.” -You in your head right now. -FilmDrunk
  • Oooh, watch this gross video of a snake on a car! And while you’re watching it you should sing “snake on the car” to the tune of “pants on the ground.” You’re welcome for that suggestion! -TheDailyWhat
  • Danny McBride and Jody Hill have signed a one-year contract with 20th Century Fox to develop both live action and animate series. And what kind of Hollywood deals do we get? Basically none. -THR
  • Watch Brian Williams and Jimmy Fallon slow jam the debt crisis and totally get it now. -BWE
  • Here’s a cute color wheel made up of cartoon characters. That’s all it is! I can’t say anything more about it because that’s all it is, but it is cute so go look at it. -Slate
  • Miley Cyrus has a great solution for when you are forced to get a tattoo at gunpoint. “Awww, dangit!” the people who thought they could force you into getting a real tattoo will say. -The Superficial
  • Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are on vacation in Hawaii. Ugh. I wish I were on vacation in Hawaii, even if it had to be with Jennifer Aniston. -Celebuzz
  • Oh great, and here’s Mila Kunis shopping in Paris. WHY NOT ME? -Just Jared
  • Haha, a wedding party crashes the batman set while they film at Carnegie Mellon. Where my brother goes to school! Small world. Say hello to my brother for me. -Movieline
  • Here’s a puppet interviewing Lady Of Interest Lindsay Lohan. – Dlisted
  • And finally, why not watch the It’s Always Sunny Season 7 promo? Fat Mac! Can’t wait. -BuzzFeed
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  1. Why not BIG Mac? I mean, am I wrong!?

  2. Seriously. The guy’s been through enough.

  3. Do you think Brian Williams is really that cool with being thrown around then network like that, as well as on the Daily Show and Colbert Report? Some could argue that NBC may just be trying to get younger viewers to watch NBC Nightly News.

    But that would be a ridiculous argument, because Brill.i.ams is a pretty cool.

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