When entertaining at home, it can be difficult to keep everyone at your party engaged and having a good time. Especially if it’s a party that started too early and now your guests don’t know when is an appropriate time to leave, or if you didn’t think of a reason to have the party before you invited people over and now they’re all looking at you thinking, Why are we here?, or if it’s a theme party and no one showed up dressed as the theme except you, or if it’s a theme party and only a few people showed up dressed as the theme and they feel awkward and that’s making the other people feel awkward too, or if you put something on the TV just as like a background thing but now too many people are watching the TV and you just want to say, like, Hey maybe let’s turn off the TV? But you don’t want to seem weird about it, or if someone was really pushy about wanting to play a board game and you really didn’t want that vibe at your party but they were REALLY pushy about it and now everyone is reluctantly playing a board game, or if there’s just nothing really to talk about, or many other reasons.

Lots of things can go wrong with having a party, obviously, so it comes in handy to have a few party tricks up your sleeve. One fun trick is to line up a hundred beers and then set up shots of sake on top of them and have them fall into the glasses like dominos. Impress your friends!

It’s as easy as setting up dominos. And then maybe you can order dominos? And then it will be a real party! And the theme can be “dominos.” That’s just a great idea for a party, I don’t care who you are. One question I have about this video, though, is how did they distribute these drinks after the trick was over? Also, is this a private party? Because if it’s not a private party, I bet EVERYONE got roofied. Because I imagine that they passed out the drinks to each other after this? And while they were passing out the drinks, probably lots of people put roofies in them. It seems like that’s a golden opportunity for roofying. I know a lot about the culture of roofying, obviously, and this seems like a classic case. Case closed. Roofy everyone at your next party easily with this exciting trick. (Via HYST.)

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  1. “Fuck.” — Dishwasher at Mobo Sushi.

  2. I refuse to ever throw any sort of party, because even the thought of doing so gives me the ridiculous fear that exactly one person will show up. That would be so much worse than if nobody showed up at all.

  3. My reaction to this was basically the same as the probably-drunk woman who was shouting, “WHOAAAA! THAT’S AWESOME!” except I’m permanently way less drunk and also I didn’t shout, I just got excited, so actually I guess there were no real similarities beyond approval.

  4. Bartender, a round of tips for my bartenders!

    Seriously, that guy walked home a millionaire.

  5. Kelly, you seem to have a lot of social anxiety. Maybe try taking some roofies to relax?


  7. All this roofy talk made that fade-to-black at the end super ominous! “A stranger gives me a knowing look, hands me alcohol, and, SCENE. We’ll fix it in post.” This lady is crying for help forwards and backwards, and we gotta step up as youtube commenters to help her out. “2 people didn’t see where their drink came from.”

    No, this was a very good video. It was very AWESOME, huurrRRHMOSAHHHRHRRrhhh.

  8. They have good sushi!!
    There’s a Trader Joe’s next door to it!!
    I lived in Santa Cruz for three years!
    I don’t drink sake bombs!
    Or at all for that matter!!

    This post was very specific to me, I apologize!!!

  9. My first reaction: “I don’t even see 100 people whaaa fuuuu?”

  10. Whenever I’m at a party, and I don’t know the appropriate time to leave*, I just drink until I black out. The next thing I know, I’m waking up at home in my own bed. Problem solved!

    *this happens at pretty much every part I go to.

  11. Bomb : Atomic Bomb :: Sake Bomb : Nagasake Bomb

  12. This video needed more rewinding and fast-forwarding.

    .gnidrawrof-tsaf dna gnidniwer erom dedeen oediv sihT

    This video needed more rewinding and fast-forwarding.


  13. I love the woman wearing the pink/purple scarf who seems to be SCREAMING with joy as the bomb dominoes come past her. ‘THIS IS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFETIME!’ – Her

  14. Argh, this brings back terrible memories..

    I was once at a bar where they do this domino trick, and some bigshot comes in and buys the bar a domino round for his birthday. It was a big deal and took forever to set up. Everyone in the bar was watching and was really excited for the big domino rally. The glasses were almost all set up and the bigshot guy was about to knock the first one down…

    Meanwhile I had gone to the bathroom and didn’t know what was going on. I just came back and saw all these glasses lined up on the bar. Now I may have been a little drunk, but mostly I think I’m just an idiot, because my reaction was “hey free drinks I’ll get myself a glass”, which I proceeded to do, picking up a glass and setting off the entire domino reaction from the middle of the line, in two directions down to either end of the bar. And it was a long bar so it took forever for it to reach the end, clink clink clink, all the while the whole bar is silent, staring at me.
    It was probably the most embarrassed I have ever been, right up there with the time in high school a cute girl pointed out that not only was my zipper down, but the front hole in my boxers was also open, and she could see everything. This was almost as bad as that.

    Fortunately everyone got free drinks, but the bigshot birthday guy was pretty pissed. I got out of there in a hurry and never went back.

    So this is a fun video for tizzdogg, is what I’m saying.

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