Back in 2009, we declared an end to giving any of the fools from The Hills any more attention, but I’d hardly say this counts as attention. It’s just two sad liars, one wearing a permanent monster mask, talking.

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  1. My Spleidi-sense is tingling.

  2. I think someone should make a documentary about their tragic lives, if for no other reason than just so they can title it “Pratfalls.”

  3. “I’m doing laundry now: LAUNDRY! Can you imagine?”

  4. I know we usually only dance on Friday afternoons, but THIS CALLS FOR SOME GODDAMN BENDING OF THE RULES IF I MAY SAY SO MYS–{gunshot}

  5. Why didn’t the pony talk much? He was a little horse :)

  6. They have somehow managed to become more self-aware and still completely clueless.

  7. I actually feel quite sorry for them based off this interview. They were young, and a major television network is paying them to act a certain way, but advertising it as reality. They can’t be as bad as they make them seem on the Hills. Sounds like she definitely has delusions of grandeur, but she realizes that now that she has matured a little.

    Maybe this interview is more of their “acting,” trying to manipulate everyone to feel pity for them, and that MTV and fame destroyed their lives, rather than their own poor decision making, but I’m convinced, and find the whole thing sad.

  8. Do they understand what “regret” means? Because when you say “I have no regrets. But I look back and really really wish I hadn’t done these 25 things and those things have sort of destroyed everything,” it means you have many regrets.

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