What? It’s a fire-breathing pony robot. What about it? That is my impression of these dudes. “Hey Trey, apparently this dude’s never seen a fire-breathing pony robot before.” “That’s hilarious. Punch him in the dick, and then let’s walk to Taco Bell.” The guy wearing a skirt and talking on his cellphone in the background is like “You gotta get down here, man, there is a fire-breathing pony robot. Yeah, I’m serious. What? No, I’m not wearing a skirt!” But by the time his friend shows up it will be too late because these two nonchalant dudes will already be sitting in a booth at Taco Bell with their fire-breathing pony robot enjoying a half-dozen crunch wraps supreme. They are so over it. (Via BoingBoing.)

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  1. I remember my first fire-breathing pony robot…

  2. Well, Gabe asks us to set aside the nostalgia and make something new, and we get… results?

  3. Finally, the Transformers/My Little Pony crossover we’ve all been waiting for.

  4. Clearly this was the mane attraction.

  5. Someone was finally brave enough to ask what would happen if a Targaryen fucked a horse.

  6. Exclusive footage from next summer’s Rise of the Planet of the Ponies.

  7. I am torn between finding this quite charming and boggling over the continued presence of the utilikilt.

  8. Is it a robot pony or a pony robot?

  9. That a weird little dragon, dude.

  10. I’m starting to like ponies now.

  11. My Little Pony: Friendship is FIRE

  12. After a dozen crunch wrap supremes, that’s not the only orifice that’ll be shooting fire!

  13. I never would have believed there’d be a time in my life where I couldn’t make it through even 25 seconds of fire-breathing pony robot footage. #iguessthisisgrowingup

  14. Gabe, that skirt is obz a Utilikilt. What I am more confused about is whether the pink thing on that guy’s head is a mohawk or the world’s saddest beret.

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