“We will kill the other Districts’ tributes with our lightning fast cholera.”

Looking good, boys! Love what Cinnabon did with your costumes. More photos of the men of The Hunger Games here.

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  1. Ugh. Just when I thought we were done talking endlessly about Harry Potter, now we are on to this.

  2. I am a GIANT Hunger Games nerd, so my gift to you all is to spare you from my surprisingly deep and complex reaction to these pictures/the casting. You’re Welcome!!!

  3. I think you’ve run that meme into the ground. Its just completely tasteless at this point.

    • Can you please tell me if the pun was intended so that I know which thumb to click on?

    • Yeah, and to even use that as a meme? I’m not going to get into a whole thing about it, but it’s never sat well with me and to use that photo so frequently every time you want to make a comment about the triteness of some pop culture controversy is just cold. Like, using a photo of suffering children doesn’t make your point for you, it only makes you appear to further exploit them. Okay, so I did make a thing about it.

  4. I’m getting too old for this shit

  5. This kid who plays Peeta has a very punachable face. Perhaps it might be that it’s the same punk from “RV” and “Zathura” and “Two Kids Feeling Up A Dead Body”.

    One of the photo’s captions says that the actor put on fifteen pounds of muscle in three weeks? Is that a really bogus press factoid or did he just get fat during preparation and the trainers counted that water weight? “Oh man, boy who plays Peeta, look how strong your midsection’s getting!”

  6. So…if you think talking about the clothes the guys from the hunger games is pointless and there are larger issues in the world…why make a post about it at all? i mean unless a large number of people were emailing videogum with hunger game demands why do this if you think it’s not something worth focusing on? Or why draw attention to the fact that it’s a pointless thing to focus on with this picture (which is way overused) and not just post a short “hunger game guys wear clothes. click here”?


    at this point, I would like an image of these children within this image to ironically comment on the fact that their plight is being exploited to deride the importance of COSTUMES in a movie.

  7. I was very excited about the movies in general and this announcement in particular, but it’s good to know that I can be wrong about things I like! Thanks for the tip!

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  9. I have no idea what this post is about, but I don’t really want anyone to tell me because I don’t feel like it will improve my life.

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