A trailer has surfaced today for a show that MTV made before they made Jersey Shore called Bridge and Tunnel, which is basically the same show but for some reason they didn’t air it and they just made another show altogether. Weird. This is like the season finale of Fringe!

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  1. So I guess Bridge And Tunnel was a grenade, and Jersey Shore was a smoosh? Am I doing this right?

  2. “Finally, Staten Island gets the recognition it deserves.” – New Jersey/squidsquad

  3. Can you imagine how bitter those people must be about Jersey Shore? These people are still a bunch of unknown clubgoers, while the JS cast is making a goddamn mint off of that show.

    • Which really just makes me that much more annoyed at the Jersey Shore cast’s success and fame, because they are really just a bunch of clubgoing trash, no different from any other obnoxious guidos out there, yet people just eat it up like its something special.

  4. Forget it Gabe, it’s Drama Island-town.

  5. Remember on Lost when they met “the Others”?

  6. The Doctor always warns us that while time and events can be changed, there are fixed points were events and/or individuals who have such a long-standing impact on the timeline that no one, not even Time Lords, were allowed to interfere with their natural progression.

    Clearly someone tried to kill of Bridge and Tunnel and it morphed into Jersey Shore. This thing HAD to exist for some reason.

    Hold on… I’m receiving a note… ummm “Shut the FUCK up, FLW.” Ok. Message received.

  7. To think, if they’d had a guy punch a girl, the “Bridge and Tunnel” stars would have Jersey Shore fame today! That just goes to show you: always shoot for the stars.

  8. I’m the sweetest bitch you’ll never meet.

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