I am not joking when I say that I hope if/when the Earth is destroyed and after another century passes in absolute silence before the aliens/self-aware SkyNet future mecha/Water People or whomever sift through the rubble for clues to what the Old Earth was like that somehow the only thing they find is this video. Every other example from the brief sweep of human herstory (buildings, literature, paintings, automobiles, science, God) completely wiped away forever, never to be found again. Just this. Only this always and forever. (Via BestWeekEver.)

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  1. Gabe, you’re a fool! Someone delete this video before he steals all of our ladies!

  2. After the failure of his dance career, Milton was forced to take a soul crushing office job where his co-workers constantly stole his favourite red stapler.

  3. Wow! That baby grew up and still’s got it!

  4. Paul Giamatti’s new movie looks good.

  5. I know it might be narcissistic, but at some level I do believe I am that lady he is dancing for.

  6. jamegumb.jpg

  7. that’s a pretty great John Cusack costume, John Travolta!

  8. I don’t see why he’s limiting this to just one lady.

  9. When will we sassy broads have our dance? :(

  10. “I’d hit that.”–thisismynightmare

  11. Never really understood the importance of having a neck when dancing until I watched this video.

  12. The title is, “A Dance For A Lady”

    He gave you a dance, now he wants you to give him his lady… >:-|

  13. Why must people with front-butt insist on tucking their shirts in?

  14. I realize we’re all completely mesmerized with the sweet dance moves, but let’s not lose focus on the equally amazing description of this video:

    “Thank you very much,Youtubers for your comments. I might not do another dance video for a long time. In my next video, I will say something very impotent to you all. I don’t always do dance. what I like to do is crime drama.I will tell you more about that and other things too.”


  15. You’re perfect. Just the way you aaaaaaaaaaare

  16. At 2:03, I was worried he was just too tired to go on. But he pulled it together for the instrumental bridge.

  17. I don’t see anything funny about an earnest little man dancing for a lady who obviously loves literal dance interpretation of song lyrics. Now will someone help me get his head out out of that yogurt cup?

  18. Making a youtube video of oneself dancing is a pretty half-assed romantic gesture. That guy is so selfish!

  19. Elvis Costello has really let himself go.

  20. While I appreciate Gabes sentiments, I’d be happier if the only thing found from the old world were these: http://www.christies.com/singing-bird-pistols-en-1422-3.aspx

  21. I would like to use this space to register my dissatisfaction with comments being closed on the post above this one. I was all ready with a “they’re broken up, it’s time to lego” zinger that SURELY would have won me a place in the hearts of millions. My failure to post such a comment is my greatest regret.

  22. Hey, I’m a lady! Maybe it’s for me! SWOON!!

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  24. Jiminy Glick jumped the shark.

  25. Clearly the best part of the video is that instead of tilting the camera he chose to hunker close to the ground. Problem solving!

  26. I feel like Bobby Hill trying to understand British comedy on public broadcasting.

  27. This is Andy Kaufman-level brilliant.

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