It is always hilarious to watch little kids do their “sexiest” dance (NO PEDO) but it is even funnier to watch two adults try and follow the little kids’ lead. Now shake it to the left! Now shake it to the other left! Now drink your juice! Now spin like a bug. Annnnd drop. Now juice juice juice juice! This video does make me a little sad, though, because this little boy is so young and he doesn’t even realize that his life will never, and I mean NEVER, get better than having two beautiful women happily trying to dance with him to his own choreography on a Brazilian beach. The rest is just disappointment, illness, and death. Oh well, hahaha, we’re not dead yet. DO THE BARTMAN! (Via ViralVideos.)

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  1. Kids these days watch too much tv and dance too much and meet more hot brazillians than they should (Save Me some Hot Brazillians, Kid these days!)

  2. Poor little wing man behind him is just left standing there holding himself.

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  4. Nobody looks sexy dancing in Crocs. Not even little kids. Not. Even. Little. Kids.

  5. Hey it’s my Zumba instructor!

    • also, this site needs more ads creeping up over everything I can almost see 50% of the page.

    • I wish my Zumba class was instructed by this little kid. Mine is done by a 90-pound 40-year-old women with WAY too much energy who yells “PUSH YOUR BODY” at us every 15 seconds.

  6. This kid should be on Dancing With The Stars. He’s got just about as much reason to be there as Bristol Palin, plus he’s a better dancer.

  7. “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes, and shaking that ass.”

    -Benjamin Franklin, A Short Treatise on the Timeless Art of Worshiping the Booty

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