• As you may have heard, John Goodman has been added to the cast of season three of Community! Remember when he was in Coyote Ugly? Haha yes you doooo. -Screen Junkies
  • Here are a bunch of very expensive homes from movies that we can all own if we just pool our money together. We’ll have the best time! -Uproxx
  • A fan-illustrated version of the freestyle rap performed by Paul Rudd, David Wain, Ken Marino, and Scott Aukerman on the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast. -Funny or Die
  • A new FilmDrunk supercut: Cinema’s greatest mirror pep talks!  -FilmDrunk
  • This news story about Blair sounds a lot more like a news story about a member of Serena’s extended family but whatever, I don’t write for that show, it’s not up to me. -The Superficial
  • Who do YOU think should be cast in the Sex and the City prequel? #Gabe4Carrie -Celebuzz
  • Look at Elle Fanning on the cover of this magazine. Uggghh she is a beaaauutiful chiiiiild. -Just Jared
  • Here are some things you maybe didn’t know about Wet Hot American Summer. Here’s one you definitely didn’t know: My little brother went to the camp where they filmed it for a few summers. How about that??? -Buzzfeed
  • Steve Carell demands that his head be the largest on every poster by a minimum of 20% in this shocking behind-the-scenes hidden camera footage jk it’s a comedy vid. -Movieline
  • Watch this adorable kid do donuts and feel a little scared for him. I totalled my car in high school because the weather was really bad one night and I called my friend while I waited for a tow truck and my friend said, “Oh, weird, we were just doing donuts in the Cinemark parking lot.” Be safe out there, guys! -TheDailyWhat
  • On Conan, Jon Benjamin takes a look back at “Baby Pranks.” Hahah. Watch this. -Gotcha Media
  • Part 2 of Michael Schur walking us through each episode of Parks and Recreation season three. -AV Club
  • This guy built a real life Wall-E and it’s adorable and I wish someone would just make a cut of this video where they take out all the parts where he talks about how it works because now the magic is ruined. -BWE
  • On The Daily Show, Jon Stewart looks into the phenomenon of news anchors cooking things on sidewalks when it’s very hot outside. It’s just good television, doy. -Eater
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  1. John Goodman being in Community is streets ahead

  2. I do remember John Goodman in Coyote Ugly! Why do I remember that? Why am I excited about that? I think it’s introspection time, guys.

  3. Time for you to retire the sign, John. You sealed the deal.

  4. Poor Leighton Meester! What a terrible mother! Spending the sick brother’s money on cosmetic procedures. I wish there was video of Leighton hitting her with a bottle so we could all cheer her on.

  5. Is Community going to be my new favorite show before Season 3 even starts?

    I also have a question for Kelly: Do you type “hahah” on purpose? I thought it was a typo at first, but you do it all the time so I was thinking maybe it means “2 1/2 ha’s,” like it’s not funny enough for three ha’s but it’s definitely better than two ha’s.

  6. does this mean john goodman won’t be back for another season of TREME? LOL!!!! Just kidding, no spoilers

  7. Just wanted to say that I love these link round-ups.

    Also, thanks for that video of the freestyle rap. Listened to that episode today at work, and my labmates gave me strange looks.

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