It’s fun to test your limitations every so often. You get to learn something about yourself, like that girl in that Radiolab episode where she ran and ran in that Ironman competition until she collapsed and then started crawling, and you get to distract yourself from whatever else is going on in your life that maybe you don’t want to think about, like when you and your friends tried the Master Cleanse for about five hours until you got hungry and decided to order Chinese food. Each a very interesting way to spend some time in its own right. Here are some other examples of how you can test your own limits at home:

  • How long can you maintain a raw food diet?
  • How long can you watch a movie you really don’t want to watch?
  • How many days in a row can you wake up on time?
  • How long can you pretend the person you’re around doesn’t exist?
  • How long can you walk with an untied shoe before tying it?
  • How long can you stay upset with someone after you’ve forgotten the reason why you’re upset?
  • How long can you watch this ’90s a cappella dance mix video before you absolutely can’t stand it anymore oh my god please turn it off?

Twelve seconds for me, but I was on a raw food diet for three days once soooooo. (Via Huffington Post.)

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  1. I’ve been seeing how long I can keep reading and commenting on a pop culture blog written by a cranky old man and his pretty young sidekick. I’ve been going for about a year and a half now.

  2. Sorry. I am on board with this. Yay.

  3. Hit it, Rockapella!

  4. The video stopped loading after about 41 seconds, but I think I could have gone the distance, mainly because of the cleavage on the top row, second from the left.

  5. As long as it takes me to finish this sentence and hit submit.

  6. Shut up, Internet.

  7. That’s easily the whitest thing I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen all the 90s sitcoms.

  8. “Let’s do A Capella versions of songs that most normal people hated dancing to at Bar Mitzvahs 16 years ago, and probably couldn’t stand to listen to today.” – Idiots.

  9. 10 dollars says Just Désserts makes this entire 7 min thing his ringtone.

  10. made it 38 seconds…but only because this guy:

  11. I lasted just about as long as Haddaway’s career.

  12. one minute and nine seconds…The singing is very terrible, but the real reason that i turned it off was that I can not stand the way the guys are looking around. its so stupid! Does anyone remember “The Humen Voice?” same kind of horrible thing.

    • YES! Oh my God it’s so awful how they look around. I don’t think I could stress that enough. Thank you for noticing it as well.

      • Hit a buck six (1:06) and couldn’t deal. The Non Soulfulness of the male vocalist was too much. I’m out.

    • HOLY SHIT no seriously you guys I also made it exactly one minute and nine seconds. is this… is this what christmas is supposed to feel like?

  13. I’m actually a dippy ass fan of a cappella groups so the music isn’t the problem in my case. My problem is with that fucking guy who keeps looking around at the beginning of this video. He’s not singing, he’s just looking around with this fucking STUPID look on his face, as if he’s thinking ‘Wow! People SINGING all AROUND me?! What on Earth is guh-guh-GOING ON?!?!’ So fucking stupid. For the record I turned this off after about 90 seconds because A) they’re not a good group and B) ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.


    I just had to share this because its been to long since we visited the Voca People.

  15. answer…longer than i was able to watch these two

  16. All the way through! Do I win something? Please tell me I win something.

  17. I can only imagine the ad read as follows:


    Seriously, I can’t find a single face amongst those 20 people that doesn’t look overly smug at their..*ahem*… achievement.

    Still, all I’ve achieved today is to do a day’s work in a job I hate and watch 3:49 seconds of an a cappella video because it took that long to open a new tab, log on and write this message. So yeah, they’ve got that on me.

  18. Uhh so how is this any different from Glee, a show many people on this site love n’ adore? Thanks for the video! I listened all the way through. All those catchy / cheesy 90′s songs took me back! I also like how it says “no fruit was harmed during the making of this video” at the end. So dorky & earnest. :-)

  19. Middle of the bottom row. I knew Jerry Bear was still alive, man.

  20. 4:24.

    I don’t feel well.

  21. A capella is the worst. Remember when Jay-Z did a release of the Black Album that was just a capella? Who would want that? Who would want THIS? ugh. And yea, I’m looking at you too beatboxing zombie Jerry Garcia.

    • The a cappella black album was not for people to just listen to. thats what the non a cappella black album is for. the a cappella black album was released for remixing purposes. This is half of how The Grey Album was made (Jay-Z Black Album, Beatles White Album, all of it awesome).

  22. I don’t get why acapella groups are always so smug. Why are you always so smug, acapella groups?

  23. So what I’m understanding here is the Brady Bunch reboot is incorporating a polygamist slant.

  24. Made it to 1:28 then came back for the more later once I had forgotten how cheesy it was. Made it to 3:40 the second time. If you make it to 3:20ish, please take note of enthusiastic usage of banana prop from guy in the middle. Also, homegirl second row from the bottom on the right hand side is Dancing. It. Out.

  25. I thought I would be able to go the distance but I was defeated by the Ace of Base song

  26. I watched him eat the banana , if you know what I’m talking about please find help soon.

  27. The YouTube community is oddly forgiving of these people. Except for that one guy who said the video’s worse than a school shooting.

  28. All told this video really just isn’t that good.

  29. i wasnt as irritated as i was led to believe i would be… now im irritated by the person who posted this and claimed he only listened to it for 12 seconds.

    I do LOVE the guy middle bottom (old dude) eyes closed, head boppin’, then BAMMM!! just busts in there jammin’!

    and the other wiedo a couple above him looking around waiting. this is good people watch with some odd jams.

  30. 5 seconds and 25 comments was my limit.

  31. I made it to 2:20, then I had to put down my trepanning tool and turn it off.

  32. I actually managed to listen to the whole thing, but it’s only because I let it play out while I was reading the comments. Though, writing that has now made me a little ashamed of how long it takes me to read things.

  33. I made it to 4:45 them my mum and sister told me to turn that shit the fuck off.

  34. I made it up until “I like to move it move it”. Generally my tolerance for anything goes until it reminds me of “Madagascar”

    • That was the point at which I had to go back to look at the actual video (from reading comments) to see if any of the participants had yet committed noble hara kiri, and was disturbed to see the bobblehead in the middle fellating a banana. That, and that I’d run out of comments, was the end for me.
      Also, Maurice, you did not raise your hand. Therefore, your heinous comment will be stricken from the record.

  35. 17 seconds.

    It is nice that they invited Robert Wyatt to participate though.

  36. I watched the whole thing. It has 4,100 likes and 35 dislikes, I guess all 35 are here.

  37. 39 seconds. Couldn’t take it any more once their heads started going crazy.

    Like a live action, monochrome, muppet show intro.

  38. did any one peep the old dude in the beard during “no limits”. he clearly has never danced before. in fact i am almost certain he probably had never heard any of these songs until he learned the group was going to do an acapella Stars on 45 rehash for the YouTube generation.

  39. Seeing as the majority of netizens like things ironically, I’d say this test falls on it’s face. I made it through with absolutely no problem… and kinda like it.

    Just and observation: the majority of the people commenting here spent more time writing their comments than actually watching the video.

  40. Honestly, 8 seconds. That was enough time for it to infect my mind, I’ll have to listen to Kermit’s Rainbow Connection to clear it out.

  41. 3:28

    When they started “I like to move it move it.”

    That was enough for me.

    But come on guys, I’ve heard a lot worse.

  42. I know I am super late to this. Sorry I failed you internet.

    However, one of these guys is singing into a banana. I made it all the way through to see what would happen with those two. Also I didn’t hate this.

  43. sorry… i really like it… but i really want a banana now…

  44. 2:29. Boom. That was mostly because of the old bearded guy at the bottom, though. I’m pretty sure he was just making faces and not actually any noises. He was killing the vibe.

  45. Every last second of it. And loved it all. Does anyone else want to watch “Night at the Roxbury” now?

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