Glad to see that the new movie is going to pick up right where the last one left off: with noted crybaby Bruce Wayne losing Wayne Manor after the news report on the stock and then having to be the Regional Vice Batman in charge of Wal-Mart Check Out Aisles. He actually meets his new nemesis, Bane, at work one day when Bane is trying to buy a $504 bottle of milk. He sends Bane a sassy Polaroid photo because The Joker chops in half with a sword but it was all just a dream and then Robin and also the Cato Lady. “Where does he get such wonderful cholo chest tattoos?!” – Daddy Warbucks. This romantic comedy is rated PG16. (Via iO9.)

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  1. This looks more like a trailer for This is not Batman XXX with all the S&M and masturbation and Wal*Mart cosplay, which is probably the most common cosplay.

  2. A lot of these weird bits are nods to Nolan other movies, like the chest tattoo and Polaroid are references to Memento and the spinning Batarang and getting killed and waking up is Inception.

    “Shut the fuck up, FLW.” — Everyone.

  3. This looks really close to the comic book canon.

  4. Get out of my dreams, Taiwan!

    • Seriously though, I feel like if I were to pass out on the couch in the middle of a Christopher Nolan marathon I would have some sort of fragmented, bizarro dream like this.

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