Stephen Colbert parodied the talking vagina commercials, which is hard to do, because, you know, they were already talking vagina commercials.

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  1. Was that supposed to be for all men, or just white men? That penis didn’t sound very urban or ethnic.

  2. You forgot* to post the clip** of the Daily Show where Jon introduces the concept of the commercial being a talking vagina, then just throws to a clip of Bill O’Reilly talking.***

    *No you didn’t
    **Does not exist

  3. Suddenly, the upvote/downvote icons just don’t look quite as fresh & clean to me.

    I hope Mr.Ghetto has something to say about this.

  4. Ohhh, “Awaiting Moderation” iron fist censorship KGB Gestapo Police, why must you plague my Tuesday morning, why oh why why

  5. hahah 97% of the time just isn’t enough

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