Even when it’s something that you’re naturally supposed to be able to do, like swim (if you’re a dog) or, say, interact with other humans without being weird about it (if you’re a human), there are times when you just can’t. For whatever reason — maybe you can never do it, or maybe it’s just something that at the moment you’re having a hard time with — you’re just incapable. That’s normal. I’m sure there are many things that this dog IS able to do, maybe even a few that other dogs wouldn’t be able to pull off in a million years. Like, maybe he can play dead? Maybe he can sing some sort of a song in barks? Maybe he can walk next to his owner without a leash and never run away or bite anyone, even though it still looks scary and maybe he should be on a leash just in case? We don’t know. All we see is his failure. And you know what? That’s ok. That’s what makes him dog human. But let’s not judge him. Swimming is difficult. And also it is possible that the joke is on us and this dog is just doing an excellent Zach Braff in Garden State impression. In fact now that I watch that clip again I’m almost positive that that is the case. Good dog! (Via TDW.)

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  1. This dog is having so much fun and I encourage that. Have fun, you dog!

  2. “Hahaha! Splash splash splash! Weee!” – that dog. Or me. Or anyone really.

  3. Keep trying! Keep trying!

  4. Oh my God somebody help me! No, wait. I’ve got this. Oh my God somebody help me! No, wait. I’ve got this. Oh my God somebody help me! No, wait. I’ve got this. Oh my God somebody help me! No, wait. I’ve got this. Oh my God somebody help me! No, wait. I’ve got this. Oh my God somebody help me! No, wait. I’ve got this.

    • Impression of me posting a picture on Videogum.

    • That was pretty much me snorkling for the first time (I got better at it! By the end I wasn’t drowning 90% of the time!). Also, dogs with heavy bone structures really struggle with the whole ‘staying afloat like normal mammals’. You sometimes have to put lifejackets on English and French bulldogs to keep them from heading down to Atlantis.

  5. “I am a master of my craft.” (licks balls) – This Dog

  6. My family once had a black lab mix named Izzy who HATED swimming. We would go for walks around the reservoir near our town and our other three dogs would splash around and fetch the ball and all that, but not Izzy, with ONE exception.

    One time there was a guy and his dog in a canoe about 100 yards away, just canoeing around. That dog started barking at us. Izzy may not like to swim, but she is the kind of dog that loves to get in other dogs’ faces. She went ballistic and REALLY wanted to get in that dog’s face, but resorted to standing at the VERY edge of the water and barking incessantly.

    At that point my dad nonchalantly walked up to Izzy nudged her butt, which as enough for her to loose all her footing and slide into the water. But instead of jumping right back out, she started dog-paddling out towards the canoe, which as I mentioned before, is about a football field away.

    Our guffawing immediately ceased as we realized “Oh, she’s totally going out there to give that dog shit,” and we started calling her back. Izzy swam about 30 yards before her dog survival logic kicked in. “As much as I want to get in that dog’s face, because who does it think it is?! But alas, I am not a confident swimmer.” She turned around and came back to shore, embarrassed. But hey! At least she went in the water!

    • *At that point my dad nonchalantly walked up to Izzy AND nudged her butt, which WAS enough for her to LOSE all her footing and slide into the water.

      (I’ve had it up to here with my typos! YEARGH)

  7. I think it’s because this dog is so obese. My in law’s dog can’t swim for the same reason and I saw it on The Internet so it must be true.

  8. I think what cheered me the most about this was when he made it back to solid shore, then thought, “You know what I need right now? Seconds!” and went back at it. I need that kind of courage/stupidity sometimes.

  9. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, then drown.

  10. This is a sad moment for the owners. Finding out your dog doesn’t swim is terrible. It’s not like a deal breaker or a big issue that bothers you forever, your dog still makes you so happy and is really great at a lot of other things, but every once and a while you will be near a lake and just shake your head.

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