Don’t stop. Don’t give up. Don’t stop. Don’t give up. Keep trying. You’ll get it right. You’ll get it right. Good morning. It’s Monday. (Via reddit.)

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  1. This is much cuter than when Steven Perry does it.

  2. I’m actually pretty impressed with her musical ability, no falsetto. If she’s not given some music lessons at a young age, that would be a real shame.

    • For sure! I promise she has perfect pitch, judging my how on her pitch contour is over time. Also, her formal organization of the piece! Yikes! I’ve seen some first-year undergrad students not do it that well!

  3. I’m very impressed by the audience that the “It Gets Better” campaign has reached.

  4. Not to harsh your mellow, Gabe, but it seems it’s not a “made up motivational song” in the sense that this little kid made it up, but more in the sense that Yo Gabba Gabba made it up.

  5. This is pretty much the only way to start the day. Wheaties, you’re fired.

  6. While I appreciate the sentiment, stopping and giving up are two things I strive to do each day. This message is lost on me.

  7. Remix, please.

  8. Just wait until this kid gets on a bike!!

  9. Sure, and next you’ll be telling em there’s a party in her tummy, so yummy so yummy.

  10. This is what the inside of my head sounds like after spending an afternoon watching tv with my niece. Or snorting some ice.

  11. I surely hope that parents do realize that no one else really finds their kids antics/singing/dancing/shouting cute, that most everyone else finds them annoying, much like family vacation photos.

    Well, except for this kid, she’s cute to everyone.

  12. More auto-tune please

  13. this is great and everything, but as an unemployed person just trying to GET BY this is the most annoying thing i have ever seen. What does this kid know of life? NOTHING.

    • I am also (forever, it seems) unemployed but I still find this adorable. We’re still human, Mandy! Don’t let the world make you feel otherwise! If we can’t laugh at internet baby videos, what do we have? Don’t stop, don’t give up!

  14. The person who recorded this video needs to “don’t stop, don’t give up” learning how to record videos of stuff. If you’re gonna have a kid who’s this cute and record her singing and then post the videos on YouTube, then the least you can do is hold a camera steady and keep it in focus.

  15. The hook to this song oddly sounds like the hook to LCD Soundsystem’s ‘Get Innocuous’.

    I smell a massive legal battle in the works.

  16. Did anyone else think her voice sounded a little like Corey Feldman?

  17. Yo Gabe-a Gabe-a

  18. why don’t people straighten up a little before they make videos?

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