Art. (Thanks for the tip, Mary.)

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  1. Oooohhhhhhhhhh

    • Sudden revelation! This “ouughhh” sound is kind of precisely the exact same sound the grape-stomping news lady made (viral THROWBACK)

  2. This is just an Amy Sedaris character right? Good work as always Ms. Sedaris

  3. The unshaded lamp on the floor tells a sad, dark story. Also, same lady?

  4. Well, at least now we know what was going on off camera in that Sweet Child O’ Mine video from earlier in the week.

  5. NOW I get where Mr. Guy Code is coming from.

  6. I’m really glad Kids in the Hall got back together.

  7. Wait, what the hell is that You Might Also Like “We Are All Of Us Helpless….”???

  8. No offense intended to the person in this video (especially after such difficult news from Seacrest), but this person is (or was at some point) biologically male? Am I crazy?

  9. The upside to Aspergers? Getting as nutty and obsessive as you want and just not giving a crap how it looks.

  10. What’s with her fingernails WHY ARE THEY SHARPENED OH GOD

  11. My heart is a museum (yep), and this is now a permanent exhibit, does that count? Permanent (adj.) meaning existing perpetually; everlasting, especially without significant change.

  12. I prefer my art to be invisible, thanks.

    • Pretentious asshole!

      If you’ll excuse me, I have a $5,000 bottle of coke from a bodega to marvel at.

    • I have a room dedicated to invisible art. The centerpiece of the room is a glorious invisible sculpture called “The Concept of Jealousy.” It is so beautiful, chances are you are going to wish that you were as beautiful as it is.

  13. Directed by David Lynch

  14. I have Never been more confused by breasts… Well, at least since the Kathie Lee GIF Party.
    So… Fake/Gay-Trans, Yes?

  15. Can someone remix this with Usher and that bad ass Goat?

  16. its like a Crispin Glover movie. has anybody seen those? they’re creepy and off-putting in a way that is just indescribable. it’s made up of a series of things that are very ordinary, but put together in a way that is just too weird by half and taps some weird place in between your brain and your stomach and you just feel uncomfortably scared and depressed at the same time….like if you watched the worst episodes of hoarders and intervention back to back, or followed home that creepy, probably unstable guy at Walmart and asked him what he does with his spare time.that’s how i feel watching American Idol. this person just makes me think of bill haverchuck and makes me laugh.

  17. Yet another YouTube video I could barely get nine seconds through before giving up. Thanks YouTube!

  18. Her YouTube page has some other videos that … well … it gives you a more balanced idea of who she is, how about that?

    For example: she is not a very good singer, and is interested in Alexis Arquette.

  19. James Franco’s performance “art” keeps getting weirder and weirder, or better and better—I’m not sure which.

  20. Poor Jemaine Clement. Seriously, get the band back together, Jemaine.

  21. Hi, Ava Zinn here. Hard to believe that two years ago when I uploaded the video on Youtube. It is for a site called “Vote for the Girls.”

    The site is a similar concept to former competitor Vote for the Worst. I will welcome all to the VFTG site (with three victories and very close to a fourth VFTG Victory.) and there’s also a UK version.

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