On the fourth hour of this morning’s Today Show, Sebastian taught Hoda and Kathie Lee how to get “the Brazilian butt.” The work out seems to consist primarily of dancing however you want to and making Kathie Lee Faces (after the jump).

Thank you for this, Sebastian!

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  1. videogum shouldn’t be making me this horny

  2. I’m blind.

  3. More like Kathie Lee GIFford, amiredundant?

  4. OMG the third gif, with Hoda Constantly Re Entering the Scene – SWITCH, it’s my turn – nightmare fuel #DeadBoner

  5. This might be quite possibly the most embarrasing thing a coworker could catch me looking at.

    Besides that “Your Dad with his AV equipment in the basement” post from years ago. That Hall of Famer* still haunts my dreams.

    *WTF Do With Their Lives? Hall of Fame

  6. i find this gross on multiple levels. including, of course, racial ones.

    • sorry, but when i see ladies behaving in a hypersexualized manner (and making some ridiculous fucking faces) in as a way of aspiring to have a physical attribute characterized as being something a brazilian has, that’s how i’m going to respond. esp when they’re gyrating up on a brazilian male because it’s ok to act hypersexual around brazilian males, or, frankly, latino/afro males in general. my bad.

  7. How old is Kathie Lee?

  8. What is a Brazilian butt? Does it grow at a faster pace than everything else?

  9. Brazilians have nice butts. Brazilians like to dance the samba. Therefore dancing the samba gives you a nice butt. QED. That’s just logic.

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