Kind of incredible that these two have been doing the Friday Morning Matchy-Matchy Twinsies “Hey Ya!” Dance every Friday morning since late 2003. No sick days. Love the dedication, boys. Total inspiration. Don’t let the Heyyaters (OOOOOOOOOF) get you down. It wouldn’t be Friday without it. It is Friday, right? Yay! We did it! This post is straight up golden and not the rambling fever-dream rant of an exhausted moron. Let’s paint, exercise, dance, and STAY HYDRATED today, everybody. It’s going to be one hell of a scorcher. (Via ViralVideos.)

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  1. I tried dancing to Heya with my baby, but people started calling Child Protective Services once I got the the “shake it like a polaroid picture” part.

  2. The one on the right is really doing a great job. Just much more committed to the spirit of the dance. I do appreciate the left-hand twin singing along, though. He just loves the song and can’t even stop loving it long enough to really dance to it.

    On a separate note: It’s my birthday! So I’m just going to assume that these two dudes are dancing specifically for me.

  3. Someone’s going to have a GIF prepared for Ball right?

  4. their dancing is pretty good but the singing is bad.

  5. of course I would never choose favorites, I love all my children equally but you on the right, you are my favorite, you are so quiet and a perfect dancer

  6. Guys, watch out for the subways today. Waiting for the G was even worse/grosser than usual!

  7. “Sex is always better when there’s feelings involved” – Andre 3000, and uh, the kid on the left? Weird. My future kids will listen exclusively to the Mr. Roger’s Nieghborhood soundtrack until they’re 21.

  8. this is a pretty accurate description of what i looked like circa 2003 drunk in a bar trying to work it.

  9. Being a member of the exclusive miracle club of twins, I can’t begin to explain to you how much fun they are having. Me an my brother did all kinds of crazy stuff like this growing up. He is gay and I am straight. He is on the right, I am on the left.

  10. umm holy shit. has no one seen their rendition of the lazy song? they sing the sex part and then when he says birthday suit one of the kids exposes himself. also they’re wearing rainbow pajamas…GOODNESS.

  11. This made me morning! Also, they are doing 100 times better than I did with this song.

  12. Look out, Mike Chang! Right twin is all up in ur DDR, stealin ur moves!

    This morning I thought: “It’s Friday and I have to work and it’s so hot in Toronto and the garbage truck that’s idling at the curb in front of me was leaking garbage juice and I hate my life. I hope there’s a video of twin dancing babies on Videogum this morning. That would really make my day.”

    And there was! Day made!

    Throw a porcupine in there and I’d be overjoyed!

  13. “Don’t want to meet yo’ mama OH Ho! Just want to make you [Edit]! OH Ho!”

    someone’s not being honest anymore!

  14. So are they watching some kind of Wii program? I don’t understand toddlers and their technology. #elderlygum

  15. Also, if you want to have fun with toddlers or whatever age these kids are in general, play real ska (sorry Vampire Weekend, but it’s true) or the Clash or other punk bands Son of Gabe will read about in history class on a holoscreen. They all rock out in amazing ways. I learned this as a babysitter in the 90s (back when we were SKANKIN’ and used phrases like SKANKIN’) and as the fun aunt in the nows.

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