Um, hello? Internet? I’m not trying to do your job for you, but it’s clear that this otherwise GREAT video of a porcupine dancing* leaves a lot to be desired in the salsa music department. You’ve done your job very well in the past, so I don’t doubt your abilities, I’m just a little disappointed that you’d let this opportunity pass you by. Though, it is important to remember that it’s never too late. (Via reddit.)

*Desperately trying to escape its glass cage.
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  1. Why is glass always fucking with the animal kingdom?

    Get a hobby, glass!

    • I’ve never created a 2nd account here before, but I just had the idea that I could start one with user name “glass,” grab a jpg of a window for my avatar, and then make the comment “This IS my hobby.” That would have been great!

      But it turns out there is already an account with user name “glass.”


  2. That was a very pointed rebuke, Kelly, but adding music to videos can be a sort of prickly proposition.

  3. That porcupine wasn’t dancing, he was trying to tell us something. And I bet he had a lot of good points, too.

  4. The reflection looks to me like a displeased, arms-crossed Simon Cowell-
    “Someone fetch me a new dark-coloured, bloody-fucking-skin-tight T-shirt. This one is covered in drool after your sodding perfourmance put me right to sleep, Mr. Pine.”

  5. Wait a minute…. there’s a message on his little paw. ENHANCE:

  6. “Your wish is our command, Gabe.” – The Internet

  7. What a prick.

  8. that Porcupine does a pretty great stevie wonder rockin’ the keys impression!

  9. I think the poor thing is trying to comfort itself! Perhaps some calming spa music?

  10. He’s doing his best Stevie Wonder impression.

  11. “explainer guy tries again” took the words out of my internet typing. I present Stevie Wonderpine:

  12. u r sexy but ur bitch

  13. Just Dance came on the radio while I was watching this, and it worked pretty nicely.

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