When I was little, going to Pizza Hut for dinner was considered a real treat. So delicious. So fancy! They had real waitresses and everything. So many toppings, it was ridiculous, where am I, LE RESTAURANT DE FRANCE? (Good restaurant!) Now, as an adult, Pizza Hut is no longer my first choice in dining. The honeymoon is over. The crushed ice in the pitchers of Coke just seems tacky, and the lettuce in the salad bar is weirdly warm, and tears in the booth vinyl have been covered with red duct tape. That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t eat the LIVING HELL out of some Pizza Hut. I would. I would make a Pizza Hut pizza beg for mercy. I’m just saying, I’m a grown up now, so it takes a little more to impress me these days. Or it did. That was until I saw this video of a Pizza Hut in India and now I am remembering now that when you think about it, Pizza Hut is probably the nicest restaurant there is:

This is where you take your wife on your anniversary every year and renew your vows (because this is also where you got married). (Via reddit.)

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  1. So all those Bollywood movies are reflections of actual real life in India? Looks like I’ll be paying up on that bet.

  2. Your move, Johnny Rockets!

  3. Notorious intergalactic Gangster Pizza the Hut is ‘nice’?? Shenanigans I say.


  4. Someone ordered the Manmeet Lovers again.

    #Outsourced jokes

  5. Hahaha. As a kid I was not allowed to eat fast food, so on my birthdays I would make my mom take me to Taco Bell, which seemed super exotic. (Good story.)

    • According to Demolition Man, the 1993 film and great predictor of our future, Taco Bell is actually the nicest and ONLY restaurant in the world. Looks like you were ahead of your time there, Jeb.

      • omg i was in a bar watching demolition man a few weeks ago and was completely taken aback at what a weird reference to the LA riots it was. i was also drunk.

    • I used to ask to go to Taco Bell on my birthday too! I was allowed fast food at other times, and I could pick any resturant I wanted for my birthday, I was just that serious about those tacos as a kid. Actually, I am still pretty serious about tacos because they’re great.

  6. Whatever, fancy restaurants. Call me when you have a Book It! program.

    • Ah, Book It! Forgotten memories of my youth, flooding back.

    • Book It was the most disappointing venture of my life. The disillusionment of actually eating the lukewarm personal pan pizza i had earned was a big eye opener for me. The prize should really be an “I read my ass off, and all i got was this personal pan pizza” t-shirt.

  7. Pizza Hut overseas > Pizza Hut America. In Spain, they will even deliver sangria with your pizza! Shit’s crazy expensive though. A large in Finland costs like 28 euros!

  8. I’ve got no beef with this.

  9. “For our next act, we would like to welcome to the restaurant a friend for a special guest performance. Give a warm Pizza Hut welcome the lovely and talented, Ms./Mr. Vishon Murphy!”

    Diners: “BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”

  10. While that happened, at least three children were run over by taxi bikes right outside.

  11. Yum with the AC Slater dimples on the guy in front. I already know that this is the place of my marriage, but I did not realize that my husband was the featured dancer.

  12. Is this where we talk about our childhood Pizza Hut memories? Great!

    We used to do fine dining at Pizza Hut so often that my parents became friends with the manager at ours (Bonnie was her name). When we’d feel less fancy and do takeout, the parent calling would be all “Hi Bonnie! It’s [parent name]!” and they would like, catch up on the other’s life in an acquaintance kind of way. Which is just not something that would happen at today’s US American Pizza Hut. I remember my parents thinking it was very strange when they started offering delivery, and then it seems that shortly thereafter, Bonnie and the Pizza Hut-as-a-dinner-destination became mere memories.

    Also I still have Garfield and Flintstones glasses from there.

    • I’m partially just backing Gabe up in saying that in the 80s and very early 90s, Pizza Hut was legitimately a place where middle and upper middle class parents took their children to eat regularly. I realize that probably seems very strange to you youngins with your texting and your hoverboards.

      • I was born in 1990 (so nobody mention Rubik cubes! I don’t know what they are!) and my earliest memory of asking to have Pizza Hut was my dad saying “No, they don’t have chairs in there.” I had only known it as a delivery place so that has stuck in my head as one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard in my 21 goddamn years on this planet.

        I suppose I should forgive him then, huh? Videogum= Mending father daughter relationships since whenever!

  13. I’m from India, and I’ve never seen this. I’m also from America and I’ve seen this at Joe’s Crabshack. They kept insisting that I come on ride a train, and ride it.

  14. Everyone who remembers getting Land Before Time hand puppets and Back to the Future III super futuristic sunglasses from Pizza Hut can join me out here on the front porch of our rest home for some Werther’s.

  15. Pizza Hut Japan anyone?

  16. I’ve been to this pizza hut! It’s on the Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas (I think).

    And not to go completely off topic, but who’s got Sizzler memories? Anyone?

  17. I hate to be Donna Downer here, but I hate Pizza Hut. I was born in ’89, so maybe I missed the prime, but Pizza Hut cheese has always tasted like and had the same texture as what imagine the vinyl of my dad’s 1979 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight vinyl seats would have. Also, as a transplant to North Carolina from New Jersey, I refused to eat pizza anywhere but the tri-state area because it’s just not the same.

    “Boooooo, what a PIZZA SNOB!!!” – Everyone.

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