The behind-the-scenes goof-em-ups continue as actor/director/prank enthusiast George Clooney delivers another of his Full Frontal Prank Assaults on Walt Disney Mousketeer Ryan Gosling. From the DailyMail UK:

He’s long been regarded as something of a Peter Pan in the movie world for his love of silly pranks [Ed. note: UHHHHH] – and Ryan Gosling has revealed that George Clooney is leaving his co-stars rather red-faced and wet of trouser in his latest comedy wheeze.

Talking to U.S. entertainment show Extra to promote new movie Crazy, Stupid, Love, Ryan revealed: “He will come up to you and tell you something very serious, and then you walk away and you realise your pants are wet. He’s had like an Evian spray bottle. He’s been spraying your crotch the whole time.”

What a great prank! Much like all pranks, this prank, too, is hilarious and fun and it makes sense that one adult would pull it on another adult while they are at their WORK. So funny. “You guys, is Ryan Gosling, OK? This is the third time he has lost control of his bladder in as many days and unwanted urination could be a sign of a serious mental disorder. Perhaps we should put the project on hold until he can get a CAT scan?” LOLOLOL! Of course, this prank would make much more sense in, say, a home appliance call service center, or a dialysis clinic, somewhere where an adult peeing themselves (oh man, just so fucking funny) is surprising and hilarious. But a movie set? As far as everyone was probably concerned, it was just the actor in Ryan taking over. Either that, or another classic on-set prank, either way: VERY NORMAL STUFF.

See also: “Tom Hanks More Like Tom PRANKS!” and “Brad Pitt Is A Real Prankosaurus!” (Thanks for the tip, GoldenFiddler.)

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  1. Evian Spray Bottles: Only for misting your most precious plants.

    • Evian Spray Bottle: Now a thing.

      • Just because your only using water to make it look like a friend has “peed themselves” doesn’t mean that water can’t be $14: Evian Spray Bottles

        • Evian Spray Bottle: So Goddamn Expensive, It Could Be Found In Gwyneth Paltrow’s Coach Purse

        • Seriousgum: Hasn’t George Clooney been to Third World countries multiple times? Don’t we all know by now that there are people dying everyday because they don’t have access to clean water? And yet we still find it necessary (because CAPITALISM) to sell water with the primary purpose of misting some asshole’s face? Like, you can drink from the Evian Spray Bottle if you open your mouth and stick out your tongue while you are MISTING YOUR FUCKING FACE.


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  2. That prank is of course known as the “Miles Davis”.

  3. sly as a fox, that one.

  4. I remember this one time I spent a crazy night drinking with George, and when I woke up the next morning, he was gone and I had Chloomydia! Classic!

  5. My favorite George Clooney prank was probably those elections in South Sudan. Once people realize it all was a practical joke they’ll be all like… WTF!?


  7. From Axe Cop:

  8. I always thought the Peter Pan of the movie world was Jeffrey Jones, because of all the young boys he’s always hanging out with.

    BOW BOW. Chick. Chicka chi KAH.

  9. I would like an ENHANCED photo of said prank for…um… evidence… uh… files… prank files… yeah, that’s it.

  10. Oceans 14: Time to pull of the worlds biggest prank job.

  11. Good thing Clooney doesn’t work with Hugh Jackman that often. Jackman’s too much of an ACTOR for pranks like that.

  12. Oh to be a fly on the wall of the room where George Clooney pulls aside Ryan Gosling to tell him something “very serious.”

  13. Clooney should unexpectedly shoot his co-stars in the crotch with a high pressure super soaker in the middle of a scene.

    It’s everyone’s favorite wet pants gag.

  14. Piss-poor joke, George. Piss-poor.

  15. This sickens me. Ryan Gosling is too good of an actor to have to lower himself to walking around with a wet crotch!

    No wait, I do actually find this adorable! Ryan Gosling can have a wet crotch around me anytime. What?

  16. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: George Clooney is just a hot Jamie Kennedy.

  17. “I wish all I got was wet pants…” ~Zach Braff

  18. “George Clooney is leaving his co-stars rather red-faced and wet of trouser in his latest comedy wheeze.” is the most unpleasantly-phrased thing I’ve read in awhile.

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