I realize that, in posting this video, I am pretty much only talking about how I want something from a commercial. It’s basically like I just sent you all a link to my Urban Outfitters online shopping cart. But. Just stay with me for a second! This window thing, called “Window to the World,” comes from the engineers and designers from Toyota Motor Europe and the Copenhagen Instituted of Interaction Design, and I really hope that this is a thing that exists in all cars one day because IT IS SO GREAT! Not even all cars. But if it exists in some cars, there’s no way I’m NOT buying one of those cars, no matter the cost. I’m sure I will be very wealthy by the time this is in cars anyway. And if I’m not, I will either just steal one or rob a bank. And then I’ll just sit in the back seat and draw all the trees I want! And life will finally be good and perfect. And then I will just sit in there forever, drawing more and more trees, forever and ever until I finally die. And it will be so beautiful.

WHAT! Did you see that? Guys! Is this a prank? Where’s Ashton? There’s also no way I will not feel extremely jealous of my future children, who will get to play with this amazing thing, while I just have to drive a stupid car. “In my day,” I’ll say, “we didn’t HAVE interactive windows you could play with and that would tell you distances. All we had were flashcards with questions on them and Kids Travel: A Backseat Survival Guide, which was honestly pretty great, and maybe you would appreciate it still, but that’s all we had and we couldn’t even draw ANY trees at all unless we breathed on the glass! Can you imagine that? YOU APPRECIATE WHAT YOU HAVE.” And they’ll be like, “Shut. Up. Mother.” in a robot voice, because they will be on Auto-Kid because their real consciousness will be too involved in drawing trees and learning distances. (Via Autoblog.)

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  1. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my life it’s that humans are awful and we can’t have anything nice without someone ruining it. When these come on the market there will be crudely drawn penises on every car window on the planet.

  2. “I just goddamned washed and detailed the car and now you got your little fingerprints all over it! When we get to the space restaurant, you can forget all about ordering any e-ice cream.” — Future Dads.

  3. I want to draw a penis on the window.

  4. Seriously though. This is kind of blowing my mind.

  5. This is such a useless technology! The perfect game for kids in a car was invented years ago, and it’s called “pretending your hand is a blaster and shooting at the other cars”.

  6. If it finds a way to successfully answer the question, “Are we there yet?” then I am getting one.

  7. If i made this commercial, it would end with this little girl driving by that insufferable asshole kid in the minivan commercials and drawing a frowny face (she doesn’t seem like a “fuck you” kind of little lady.)

  8. “Damn it, Haylee. You got shit all over the window again.”

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  10. I was driving behind a prison bus today, and some had scrawled ‘BUTTERFINGERS’ in the dust on the back window, any thoughts as to what that means?

  11. Safety first, little girl— SEATBELT ON!

  12. yeah this is driving behind a prison bus today, and some had scrawled ‘BUTTERFINGERS’ in the dust on the back window, any thoughts as to what that means?


  13. Why hasn’t anyone invented a back seat window that rolls ALL THE WAY down?

  14. I just want to know who the other Monster is that religiously reads Autoblog and found this…show yourself fellow car-enthusiast! I thought I was the only one constantly sending tips from Autoblog as my ultimate goal is to transform Videogum into a car website…Mwahaha.

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