Obviously, you can’t know how you would perform on a game show until you’ve actually been on a game show and faced with all those bright lights and scary cameras and former Page-A-Day-Calendar-Theme hosts. It’s basically like the Apocalypse in that way. You just don’t know until it happens! I’m sure it’s a lot tougher than it looks! But boy, not to take over as Captain of the S.S. Obvious but it is hilarious how dumb this lady is! HONK HONK ALL ABOARD MY SHIP! But, come on, like, it’s one thing to get the answer wrong, and I’ll even let the “chemistry” thing slide, but the question itself included the visualization of one little boy standing on another little boy’s shoulders, and her first guess would have been 880 FEET! I’m with Spencer’s gas face on this one. That being said, THAT LITTLE GIRL GOT OFF EASY BECAUSE HER ANSWER WAS 78 FEET AND THAT IS ALSO VERY STUPID. Chin up, stupid adult, not even a fifth grader is smarter than a fifth grader. Don’t let it affect your self-potatosteem. (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, the American electorate!

  2. She needs to go to more schools.

  3. On the bright side, using her measurements, she has an IQ at least ten football fields long.

  4. WELL, there are 352 feet in MY yard. ..wait…how many feet in an acre? do my dogs paws count as feet?

  5. The real winner is the Metric System.

    • As a Canadian, I can say I had no clue what the answer was but I was pretty sure it was less then 800 feet…pretty sure

  6. Her yard? Camden yards.

  7. in her defense, at least self-potato seemed immediately aware of how stupid (but AWESOME!) her answer was. this is just… uh…. stupid.

  8. On an unrelated note, it is as hot as the devil’s [insert organ]. I’m about to Steven Slater this place into a pool of iced tea.

  9. Anyone else notice that she clearly doesn’t know that she has answered the question incorrectly until Jeff Foxworthy explicitly says, “I’m sorry, your answer was wrong,” when she should have realized it much, much sooner, like when she was told there are three feet in a yard? Also: Chemistry! Who is this person?!

  10. Bless her heart, she always wanted to learn, but her glasses got shattered. That’s not fair! There was time now!

    Twilight Zone reference at the buzzer, swish!

  11. Her milkshake brought all those feet to her yard, no doubt.

  12. hm. i didn’t even know Jay Walking: the Game Show was still on the air.

  13. You know what I learned in Chemistry class? Not to make an ass out of myself on national TV.

  14. Stupid Lamp!

  15. I have a friend who was on the game show where you have to, like, link words together? Like it would be like, “Professional” “Bowler” “Hat” “Trick.” You know what I mean? Anyway, the word he had was String and the two letters of the next word were BI. Which is pretty obvious? But he couldn’t get it so he said “STRING BING.” Which is very very funny and he is the best.

  16. I love the cutaway shots to the little kids who are all “Are you fucking kidding me?”

  17. oh no, she said she went to TCC in Texas… I briefly went to TCC in Texas! YIKES! TCC is a generic community college and people either go there to complete their basics for cheap or they are there so can stay on their parents insurance. I wonder which category this gal falls in

  18. She doesn’t know how long things are supposed to be? Dream date.

  19. Jennifer has always measured feet using this:

  20. Ohh brother!

  21. The comments on YouTube for this are just fantastic.

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